Yuji Naka wants to make sure you don't forget the Wii version of Rodea The Sky Soldier

This title really sounds like one of those games that you need to put in a lot of time to understand the play mechanics. I've seen some reviews absolutely destroy the game and others praise it. I'll certainly need to check it out for myself.


I haven't read a single review concerning the wii version. Apparently NIS did NOT send reviewers copies of that version. It's a shame because that's the only one Yuji Naka actually had a hand in making.

Tue Nov 10 15 06:52pm
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It's true, they did not. Only Wii U and 3DS versions were available to reviewers, unfortunately. I asked in hopes of checking out the Wii version for a review but it was only the two "main" versions, so I went with Wii U. It's an OK game, but it's clear the Wii game was his true vision.

Tue Nov 10 15 08:35pm
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It's a shame because that's the only one Yuji Naka actually had a hand in making.

Do you have any source/info on this? I know from an interview posted just a little while ago that he sort of implied that the Wii version was the closest to his original concept, but I'm not seeing anything explicitly stating that he had no input in the Wii U or 3DS versions.

Tue Nov 10 15 09:19pm
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Dunno about how much his involvement on each version breaks down, but I thought the way his tweet just up says 'play the Wii version' was hilarious.

Tue Nov 10 15 09:41pm
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When Naka/Prope and Kadokawa parted ways there were no plans for a wiiu version. That should really tell you all you need to know. This interview is ancient by this point and it's clear that somewhere in the past few years Kadokawa took it upon themselves to retool the title for Wiiu. Prope/Naka had no part in it.

As for the 3DS version it's been heavily implied to be Kadokawa's sole effort as well if this recent tweet is anything to go by: https://twitter.com/PROPE_Ltd/status/663994340176334848

Wed Nov 11 15 03:54pm
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I must have missed that. Thanks for the information.

Tue Nov 10 15 07:16pm
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Shame that the Wii version wasn't picked up earlier so that the game would likely have had higher reviews and better sales.

I heard the Wii version being compared as the "NiGHTS Into Dreams..." to the the Wii U version's "NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams"; in that its more focused on being an arcade-style score attack game, whereas the Wii U version has more emphasis on being an story driven action-adventure game.

But still, it would be nice to get the Wii Rodea reviewed. Especially since it finally knocked Karaoke Joysound Wii DX from it's top ranking for Wii games.

Is there some way to get the Wii version on the E-Shop? Is going to be really hard to find this game where I live...

I bought the Wii U CE from NISA (which comes with the Wii version) and the 3DS version. Been waiting for this game too long. I don't know when I'll play them, but I'll definitely start with the Wii version and work from there.

I'm buying this.

This is looking like to be one of those games that is gonna have few copies on the market, they're gonna sell fast and the publisher will not put out more.

I have the collector coming in the mail soon.

My CE came yesterday. Since I paid more than full price for the game I'm sure I won't give up on it too quickly lest I worry I'm not getting my money's worth, so if it takes time to learn how to play that's what I'll do. I recall The Wonderful 101 receiving similar criticism, and those controls worked just fine once you learned them, which many reviewers seemed not to have done before rendering a verdict.

The curious thing is that had the game been released only for the good ol Wii, everyone would be asking for a 'Superior' Wii U version. The fate of the game was sealed.

I've heard Wii version is the best version since the game was designed with the Wiimote in mind. Very odd that the Wii U version doesn't use the Wiimote at all though.

They should put the Wii version of the game on the Wii U eShop.

I still don't know where the Wii vers is available?

It's included in the first print run of the Wii U game as a bonus. It is not available separately.

Very much excited to play the Wii version. In fact, that's the only reason why I want to grab this game!

it's all on amazon hands to deliver me the right game. It will be the game I play first, I'm not even sure I'll try the wii u game :p . It's the reason I pre ordered as soon as it was possible.

Wed Nov 11 15 12:49am
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It's pretty damn obvious the Wii U version is inferior. The reviews show it, Naka knows it.

Gee, it's almost like this was a game designed for a control scheme other than dual analogue.

fred duck
Wed Nov 11 15 01:01am
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Comments on the first two levels.

Rodea notes

It’s nice that they have two “instruction booklets” but it’s not nice that while the Wii one is FIVE pages long, the Wii U one is TWO pages long and contains NO instructions.


Nice that you can select your audio and text languages.

The first stage is a tutorial level. A VERY SLOW tutorial level. It’s very boring because they make you do everything step by step. The framerate is a bit jerky. O_O

I’m not a game designer but I am a storyteller and that pacing is absolute garbage.

The second stage is a tutorial level. They basically should’ve cut the first level out. It’s kind of awkward getting to grips with the flight mechanic because you have to aim a pointer at stuff that’s constantly moving, like it’s a light gun game. The cinematic at the end of the level gets desynced. >_<

Wii U
I’m surprised they don’t have characters say the title anymore. Rodea does say the chapter title, though. The first level is a little worse than before. As awkward as the pointer controls were, the new mechanics of limited flight are even goofier. At least you can fly in straight lines, making pickups easier but that’s a rather drastic control shift. The touch screen is not used for anything other than the title screen or a no image screen. After the prologue, you’re treated to a scrolly text message which explains who the princess and Rodea are but also drags the pace down. We’ve come a long way from NiGHTS Into Dreams, where they didn’t tell you a single thing about the story or mission objectives but this is a bit too far in the other direction. You’d think someone would have noticed player complaints about NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams, (which Yuji Naka also didn’t do), but apparently not.

Loading is noticeably longer.

The controls are quite…finicky. I feel the Wii remote is much more intuitive comparatively. (Even though it is weird itself.)

Touchscreen sometimes has a picture of the girl on her airship.

Why would they insert a QTE dream sequence? Blah. Anyway, there’s a weird filter on the graphics to make them fuzzy. Also, the ground texture is really bad. The map screen is more mappy. They took out the 2D platforming levels? I can’t tell you how many times the auto-aim failed or how many times I flew off into space or how many times I got disoriented. I would hold the attack button down and Rodea would attack a crystal and then it wouldn’t register. In short, it’s terrible. I don’t know why they changed the graphics, too. When one character starts talking about the Chronus Towers, they appear in the background on the Wii version. Wii U version? No. However, they did fix the sync problem.

Frame rate is still bad. Draw distance is not improved at all. Going back to play C1 on Wii, I’m much better at the controls. Playing C1 on Wii U, no improvement. It’s still crappy.

Nice that you can select your audio and text languages.
Levels are based off the Wii U version but the tower scene shows towers. It controls a little better than the Wii U version.


The Wii U / 3DS versions appear to have been made by people who had no idea what the point of the Wii's game mechanic was but tried to adapt it to single stick (using two sticks will probably get you killed) play. It's weird how unpolished all of the versions are, but in different ways.

Highly unfortunate about the Wii U/3DS versions in particular, but not very surprised. I get the feeling with the Wii version it'll be a matter of getting used to the odd controls. A shame the first two stages are boring, bad tutorials, though.


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