Splatoon getting new 'Museum d'Alfonsino' stage tonight

Splatnet has stealthily revealed a new stage for Splatoon called 'Museum d'Alfonsino'. It seems the stage will be available to play at 9 PM ET. Thanks to Duckhunter for the heads up!

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This might go well with... THE OCTOLINGS!!

Nah, that's just a dream.

YAY more new content.

Now only if this was paid, so it could be "hardcore" oriented.

Obiously actually meant to be revealed this Direct, since it's in the first rotation after it (too bad that's in the middle of the night). I hope this means we get a Splatoon section in the Direct and not just this stage.

Also, what's up with Nintendo leaking their own stuff? They really need to manage those things better, they are always screwing up with early game updates.


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