Unconfirmed - Rodea: The Sky Soldier Wii U's version actually built off of 3DS version

Here's something really interesting. As you can see in the images above, it appears that the Wii version of Rodea: The Sky Soldier is actually nicer looking on Wii than Wii U. The Wii version has more complex geometry and details. The colors are also quite different and the game actually loads faster on Wii!

Here's yet another comparison that shows off the difference between Wii and Wii U. What in the world is going on here?! Well, believe it or not, it seems the Wii U version is an up-port of the 3DS version. We hear the 3DS version doesn't run very well at all, but the Wii U gets the job done. That said, Rodea: The Sky Soldier was first in development for the Wii and the evidence above clearly shows that. Now we know why Yuji Naka has been so adamant about fans playing the Wii version!

We also have a look at some Wii version footage running on a Dolphin emulator. That way you get the HD visuals that the Wii can't provide, but we also get to see just what the Wii game would look like if it were up-ported to Wii U.

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Yikes. I'm thinking sticking with one SKU would have been the better option...

Sounds about right the only weird part is that the 3ds version sometimes uses the wii version cutscenes as far as I have seen. But that would explain the horrible draw distance in both the 3ds and wii u version.
Right now I'm making a comparison video of the first level between all 3 versions.
It's really sad that non of the versions is a definitive version.

wait, i thought this was confirmed??

Coulda sworn they told us FOREVER ago that 3DS was a port of the Wii version, and Wii U was a port of the 3DS version.

Either way, Happily enjoying the Wii version Smile

I was interested but now mostly I just want to download the Wii vers if anything after reading reviews, but that's not an option

Old news (and all but confirmed) for the people that have been following this project in the past yeasr.

Still, you gotta give credit to that little machine. Almost a decade later, and the original Wii is showing to the world that it still got it. Original Wii Master Race!

who cares, this game looks like a crappy version of NiGHTS anyways. Idk why it was hyped.

Oh wow, so that makes sense why it looks like a weird NiGHTS. I didn't realize Yuji Naka was behind it.
That being said, it looks like he should've just stuck with Sonic Team. They would've benefited, and he could've just used NiGHTS again.

Aw. I was having fun posting links and letting you glean the relevance.

Here's the bit:

Nidcom: There had been talk of a NiGHTS sequel for many years after the Saturn game. The sequel, Journey of Dreams was made however you were no longer part of Sonic Team by that point. If it were somehow possible would you ever consider making another NiGHTS game, if you were asked to?

Yuji Naka: I have been asked hundreds of times to make the sequel of NiGHTS, but have no desire to create one.
As I feel the same way that my beloved Mr. Steven Spielberg would never make a sequel to ET because it was his first work and such a fantastic film. I feel the same way about NiGHTS.

So, they wouldn't have used NiGHTS again. One major reason the Wii sequel came about was because YN left ST so he was no longer there to say no.


so what?
They should definitely have gone with the one sku with all three in it and an eshop code (or codes) locked to the nnid. Anyway, people interested in the game probably knew about the wii game and since the only way to get it is to buy the wii u game.

As others have said, it's not "unconfirmed". The production team explained this in an interview (I can't find it, I think it was EuroGamer or Polygon) when asked why the Wii U version does not use the superior Wii Remote controls from the Wii version.

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