Nintendo Direct: Nov. 12th, 2015 - Live-streams & blog

Check out the European stream here

A live-blog of the presentation will follow below...

- The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD confirmed for Wii U, developed by Tantalus, soundtrack as preorder bonus, Wolf Link amiibo, bundle available, due out March 4th

- The Legend of Zelda Wii U reconfirmed for Wii U, due out 2016, Wolf Link amiibo data can transfer over to this title

- Den of Trials coming to The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes, as well as Linebeck's Uniform and Fierce Diety armor, free update Dec. 2nd

- Splatoon getting Mahi-Mahi Resort map, looks like a poolside resort, water level will drop as the match continues, which exposes new parts of the map to paint. Splatoon update available today at 8 PM with over 40 new pieces of gear, including winter items and bandanas. More updates coming at least until next January. Nintendo Treehouse Splatoon tournament streaming this December. Teams will be made up of Treehouse staff and will explain tournament rules.

- Super Mario Maker getting new portal website to help sift through the millions of levels. Lots of options to search through to find courses you like. Planned to release in December.

- StarFox Zero hits Japan on April 21st

- Pokken Tournament hits Japan on March 18th, supports amiibo cards

- Xenoblade Chronicles X data packs available for download, full game available for preload. Retail version can use the data packs, download version has packs pre-installed.

- Pokemon Picross is a free-to-play 3DS eShop title, purchase Picrites to help solve puzzles, over 300 stages, launches early December
- SteamWorld Heist to offer exclusive 3DS theme at launch, due out Holiday 2015 on 3DS eShop
- Fast Racing Neo due out holiday 2015
- Typoman due out next week

- Mother 3 will release in Japan on the Wii U VC on December 17th

- Pokken Tournament hitting North America Spring 2016, includes first-run amiibo card

- Europe/North America: Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow coming as 3DS VC, due out Feb. 27th ( and uses wireless communication for trading

- StarFox Zero due out April 22nd in North America

- Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam due out Jan. 22nd in North America

- Final Fantasy Explorers hitting North America this January 26th, includes all DLC from Japan for free (weapons, challenges and more), special edition reconfirmed

- Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright/Conquest can be purchased separately. Buy one game and get the second as a download at a reduced cost. Third story path DLC coming later, called Revelation. Special Edition includes all three games, plus art book and N3DSXL pouch. Due out Feb. 19th. More DLC to come later, 7 new maps with one free. Select retailers will let you purchase all of the packs together.

- Mega Man Legacy Collection due out Feb. 23rd, special gold Mega Man amiibo in special collector's edition. Amiibo unlocks special challenges

- Hyrule Warriors Legends due out March 25th, limited-time home menu theme available, Female Link playable
- Bravely Second: End Layer due out Spring 2016

- Dragon Quest VII due out in early Summer 2016
- Dragon Quest VIII also due out 2016

- Cloud from FFVII coming to Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS

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well this needs to be good!
good luck everyone! i hope everyone gets to see what they are waiting for.

Can't wait. NDs are all good fun [and one of the few times outside of E3 where Nintendo fan's all interact with each other].

Alright, let's do this. *grabs popcorn*

Those textures for Twilight princess.. pretty low resolution.

TP HD looks... not much different. I feel for it's fans.

Wolf Link & [Midna] Amiibo will sale very well.

Zelda WII U [take that deniers]! Looks lovely. Amiibos for it indirectly confirmed too, heh.

New Splatoon stages looks excellent. New gear too. Sorry guys, no Octolings were coming in the first game ;)

Thu Nov 12 15 05:24pm
(Updated 1 time)

I warned y'all that everyone who wanted to see Twilight Princess in HD was wishing on a cursed monkey paw.

Edit: Hey, cool, they went back and changed their minds about removing smart bombs from Star Fox.

To be slightly fair if they altered the game in meaningful way [cutting the intro and adding hero mode]. That'll be fine for me.

But to your point. Yeah, it mainly seems they added a bump mapping, cleaned a little of the blur and kept the gamecube geometry.

On the flipside, I did see complains for the WW and MM visual changes. So hey, at least there's that. :´p

But seriously, I'll be mad if the code isn't change to accommodate for some of the game design issues.

Finally, I'm not really sure what the Amiibos could give you, the game kinda gave you more than enough, rupees, hearts, bugs. I'm not sure if even cosmetic changes will be a thing considering the geometry is likely the same.

Anyway maybe it'll sell more than the WW HD. I mean the original did.

WTF at Pokemon RBY on VC. No online trades, lol. What's the point?

WTF... FFVII ReMake better come to the NX Console then!

Thu Nov 12 15 05:47pm
(Updated 1 time)

So this was pretty much the E3 direct plus TP and a new smash character.

At least Cloud got me pretty hyped at the end. Sakurai saved the day again.

Pretty boring direct though. The bravely second collector's edition is pretty awesome this time.

Thu Nov 12 15 05:50pm
(Updated 1 time)

Eh, I can already tell that Clous Strife in Smash Bros. is because of fan voting.

By the way, isn't that kind of anti-climactic for Nintendo grounds? Last time I checked, Final Fantasy VII was the very first MAJOR commercially-succesful title to ditch Nintendo systems for the competition, slowly but surely starting the dreaded trend of 3rd-party support away from Nintendo systems. And now they want to reward the game with a full-fledged playable character + stage and other cameos?

Truly, the force is strong with fan-driven polls.

cloud? ugh...

nice new dlc final fantasy character, but why cloud?

at least snake actually was on a nintendo game.

Because he's the most iconic and popular FF character of all time? Which one would you rather have, then?

june the wolf
Thu Nov 12 15 08:20pm
(Updated 2 times)

a character from a final fantasy that came out on a nintendo system, perhaps?

a few examples would be mog, the warrior of light, a chocobo, black/white mage, kefka, terra, cecil, kain, rosa, anyone from 6, and maybe a ff12: revanant wings character.

i do agree with you about ff7. came at the right time i guess.

I figured you mean something like that, but honestly none of those would be as hype as Cloud. Plus, Cloud might actually get some non-Nintendo-fanboys interested.

F2P games, DLC, limited editions, re-releasing old games, and amiibos.

How fun.

That about sums it up why I'm not looking forward to anything but Xenoblade.

Either I'm too old or Nintendo is just not trying anymore (right now, until NX, I hope).

Xenoblade for me too, and maybe the dragon quest remakes just because I've never played them. I hope these very EA like actions are only temporary because of the wii u's failures, otherwise I'm just losing interest in Nintendo.

Thu Nov 12 15 08:03pm
(Updated 1 time)

You are not too old, Nintendo is just horrible lately.

So where was Federation Force? Wasn't that supposed to come out in the first half of 2016?

This Direct was leaps and bounds better than the E3 one. I am literally dead from hype. Dragon Quest announcement about made me lose it. My favorite Direct in a while.

Favorite Direct in a while? This was the ONLY Direct in awhile. But seriously, the DQ announcement made me lose it, too.

I meant of the past few Directs, lol.

Thu Nov 12 15 05:52pm
(Updated 1 time)

Fire Emblem Fates in February? That special edition will be mine!

*insert Resident Evil Revelations joke here*

Cloud Strife in Smash? B-b-but muh Black Mage! Nah, Cloud's pretty cool. Though I have a feeling some people will be salty.

I wonder how many votes Cloud actually received? After Ryu, I didn't expect any more third-party characters, especially not Cloud. There are definitely worse picks though. Also... BELLS, FROGS, BIG CHERRIES! PETER PAN, MAGIC CHEESE! BELLS, FROGS, BIG CHERRIES! PETER PAN, MAGIC CHEESE... SEPHIROTH!

P.S. Does Fates have multiple versions in Europe too?

inb4 people start whining about muh FF games on Nintendo. That cloud amiibo will definitely be a scalpers best friend. Best to import that.

But overall some nice stuff. Interesting to see Nintendo getting into the paid DLC business now (FE).

I had lowered expectations so this was actually better than I expected. Pretty solid. Nintendo LOVES them some 3DS I'll tell ya. Sometimes it feels like the 3DS is their home console.

That's probably because they themselves have forgot they have a home console this generation...

Wow this was a really freaking great nintendo direct!! Only thing that was missing was Metroid Federation Force I wonder if it's going to be delayed.

Would've rather Black Mage than Cloud BUT it'd be kinda poetic that FFVII may be where their main series FF entries return to Nintendo systems [aka Cloud here n Smash, the VII ReMake on the NX Console].

A real full circle.

fred duck
Thu Nov 12 15 06:00pm
(Updated 1 time)

WW GC = 3 24 03
WW WU = 9 20 13

TP W = 11 19 06
TP WU = 3 4 16

SS W = 11 20 11


Special Edition includes all three games, plus art book and N3DSXL pouch.

Does that mean includes:
A) one game + 2 DLC codes
B) 2 games on one cart + 1 DLC code
C) 3 DLC codes
D) Two carts + 1 DLC code
E) an empty box with your shattered dreams

It was a solid recover after a dry E3. Sure, for a regular direct, it wasn't hype-worthy, but at least it was a warm pat in the back. I didn't expect Cloud... and I'm not really digging the idea of having him in Smash Bros. but I'm aware that people wanted him badly, so it's okay. Hopefully Snake comes back soon, since now there's no excuse not to have him. Also, free DLC for Splatoon 'til next gen sounds like a deal!

My gosh, so many whiny killjoys in here.

*looks at the posts above*
I don't see them, to be honest...

Thu Nov 12 15 06:06pm
(Updated 1 time)

No complaints so far... I'm pleased.

Good they kinda reconfirmed the new Zelda wont be cancelled for Wii U in favor of the NX.

With this lineup NX launch in Q4 seems to be possible, though I think it will be Q 1 or 2 2017 and Zelda Wii U will mop up hardcore fans savings in late 2016.

I TOLD YOU GUYS!!!... But no, they were all like "duuurh, Wii U is ded, NX is next"

But Wii U IS dead and NX IS next : D

Thu Nov 12 15 08:05pm
(Updated 1 time)

What are you talking about? Wii U is totally dead. Xenoblade is coming out and after that the only significant title is Starfox next April. Does that sound like a lively habitat to you?

You're just butthurt that I was right all along. Hah.

Or maybe you are in denial. Just maybe.

Sure, in denial that we're still getting Zelda U! Sweet victory!

Everyone knew that. Wii U is still dead.

Just as dead as SMT X FE and the tons of free DLC that the best games on wii u are getting!

No. Stop talking bs...

-DQ news is great
-TPHD is ugly
-Cloud is unexpected, kind of not deserving, but cool

Great direct.

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