Nintendo says the Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS special broadcast is 'the last one'

Coming from the Nintendo UK press release earlier today...

A New Challenger Approaches!: Cloud Strife – the legendary protagonist from the classic RPG game FINAL FANTASY VII – will enter the battlefield as a playable fighter in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS in the future. Additionally, a special broadcast – the last one for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS - will be released in December. More information is available at http://www.smashbros.com/en-uk/dlc

What does being the 'last one' entail? Are we going to hear about Smash Ballot winners? Are we going to get a schedule for future DLC?

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It may just mean the last dedicated SSB Direct. We've had at least 3 of them (April w/Greninja, 50 Facts, June with Lucas/Roy/Ryu). Not to mention the random trailer for Lucina, Robin & C.Falcon).

So we could still have info in a normal direct, but this is the last Smash focused event. Will definitely be ballot related

Will Sakurai ever be free?

Nope. Bet they put this in his office: http://i.imgur.com/IPFovAr.png

I would love for him to take off and hand SSB5 to someone else and take a more background role.

I imagine SSB4 will be done after this batch anyway.

As crazy as it sounds, I was thinking exactly this 10 seconds before I read this.

I'm sad, I love Smash Directs. Hopefully we'll still get small segments in other Directs. Assuming there's still a decent amount of content to be released.

Didn't Sakurai say some months ago that the Smah dev would get disbanded by the end of the year?

if someone could find a source for this, that'd be great

"From now on, it is going to be fan service [2] , but I can’t keep the development team together forever, so there’s only going to be several more characters [3]. I also ask for your patience, as we need time to develop more content"

It doesn't mention any date so I guess i may got confused. but it seems that the end is neigh.

Eh, it has been a year full of cool updates and very good DCL. Will be enough until the next Smash game in 5 years more or less.

I think he said most of the dev tem disbanded after the release of the game and a few remained to work on DLC.

Thank goodness I can't take anymore disappointing DLC. Tired of being hyped up only to be let down. Started strong with Mewtwo then swiftly went downhill. If we get anything good in December I'll be shocked.

Really? I tought Ryu was the best DLC until far...

And Cloud is awesome in a twisted kind of way

WTF is wrong with you? Every damn DLC has been amazing or great. You're too picky, spoiled and ask for too much. Just the fact that we get DLC should make you wanna cry of joy.

Whoa, whoa, take it down a notch. Just because someone didn't like the DLC doesn't mean there's something wrong with them. I am also in the camp of people who didn't like the DLC. I don't care much for third party characters, and the Nintendo characters that were added, aside from Mewtwo, didn't do much for me either. I mean, Lucas? Roy? Pass.

Yeah that's what you think. I'm just saying it's a stupid thing to not be at least appreciative. Lucas, Roy?! THAT'S AMAZING DLC! I usually don't like DLC at all, I hate it most of the time. I was against it for Smash too. But because I love Smash so much and because this DLC is proper DLC with full on characters and stages, then that is an amazing thing. My opinion is that there's something wrong with you if you like Smash, and then complain you never get any DLC you like. It's not hurting you, and what we have gotten is amazing, so you can't ask for more nor complain that it ruins your game or something. Silly stuff.

I'm not against DLC, and judging by his post, neither is TheDestructo94. The problem isn't with the concept of DLC but with the actual DLC itself. I don't know why someone would have to be appreciative for something they don't like. Not for a product that's being sold.
And stop twisting anyone's words. Nobody ever said anything about the DLC ruining the game "or something". Not even close. The only thing that was ever said is that the DLC is disappointing and that he'd rather it stop than continue. Not because it ruins the game, but because he hates being hyped up again and again.
Now, I don't agree that the DLC should stop for that reason, but I also don't think there is anything wrong with TheDestructo94 for having that wish. It's completely understandable. I should point out that the wish for the DLC to stop is said from a personal perspective. This means he doesn't actually want to deprive other people the fun of DLC, but that for himself, it's useless and better if it stopped.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but it sounds like you're biased. You think there's something wrong with him because you actually think the DLC is amazing. And it causes you to misinterpret what he says. Aside from the things I mentioned above, there are two others things you misinterpreted:
1. TheDestructo94 never said it ruined his game
2. TheDestructo94 never asked for more
3. TheDestructo94 didn't say he never got any DLC he liked. On the contrary

"and that he'd rather it stop than continue."
And I think that's f-ing stupid.
"because he hates being hyped up again and again. "
That's his mental problem then. Most people don't have this weird problem... I get hype and then I'm like wow holy shovel that's nice...

Sounds like in December we will know about the last additions to sm4sh. I guess it was about time for Sakurai to move on and work on an NX title like everyone else in the company.

Makes sense. Last 2 / 3 characters to go [Wolf and 1 or 2 high Poll rankers], and then Smash 4 support is done.

Fri Nov 13 15 08:14am
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Sure, why not. We've got, what, almost 60 characters? People will always demand more and be disappointed because ~their favorite~ wasn't in the game, but you really don't need that much content.

In all fairness, they've supported SSB4 with DLC for almost a year now. It's sad to see it come to an end but, thanks to the patches, we already have a game that will have a supportive competitive community until the next one. After this next DLC bomb, we'll probably get a few more patches to balance the new DLC characters and then the game will be "done" sometime in the spring.

This sounds about right. Sakurai has earned a looooong break after this.

5+ DLC characters, almost 10 updates since launch, extra stages, modes, trophies, etc. The dude has handled an insurmountable workload over these past few years. And the hype train's gotta stop at some point, right?

But all of this time and energy and money spent on this game leads me to believe a few things. #1, we'll definitely see a reissue of this game, a la Smash Bros for Wii U/3DS Complete Edition or something, with all DLC included.

#2, we may very well see it ported to NX. There's absolutely no reason to have another Smash game for the forseeable 5 years or so. And with NX right around the corner, I don't doubt we'll see it go there.

Friggin CLOUD. I still can't believe that. If this truly is the final Smash Bros. presentation, with even MORE to come after Cloud, then they've truly delivered an outstanding project.

Fri Nov 13 15 09:34pm
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I should really know better than to bother predicting what Sakurai will do, but here's what I think will happen...

I think it will be structured like the E3 2015 mini-direct. First it will reveal a lower profile character (like, say, Wolf and/or a semi-clone) and have Sakurai talk about said character. Then he will talk about Cloud, how his moveset works and why he was chosen. The release date for Cloud and the other character will be revealed, and Sakurai will discuss future plans like new stages, costumes, and modes (if any), and an estimation for how long the DLC will continue. Finally, Sakurai drop a bombshell newcomer, but I'm not going to bother predicting who they are. Maybe Bubsy the Bobcat. The direct ends.

Does this sound plausible?

P.S. I also believe that Cloud got in because of the ballot.


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