The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth not looking likely for Wii U/New 3DS


Not running at a performance level I'm happy with


LOL that's a damn good question if I've ever heard one.

Yeah, I'm not familiar enough with Afterbirth to understand why the Wii U version would be struggling to handle the expansion. Could it possibly be that much more intense?

I have the Vita version so this is bad news for me.

I guess he was happy with how the 3DS version ran at launch.

I can't imagine any scenario in which afterbirth would have trouble running on the Wii U.

Or the Vita, for the matter. It's sprites, for crying out loud. Step up your game, Nicalis.

Just want to put this out there:

Stop lying to yourself, the Wii U is not much more powerful than a PS Vita — Tyrone Rodriguez (@tyronerodriguez) November 20, 2015

Either Tyrone has no clue what he's talking about, or he just doesn't want to be honest with why he wouldn't bring it to the Wii U. Either way it made me lose a LOT of respect for him.

In other words, he's not good enough to program the game for other consoles (and his engine is not "packed" enough, and takes too much power [I don't know about these things, but I bet my guess was close enough]).

This is stupid. Having played the PC version of Afterbirth there's *nothing* in it that should increase how taxing it is *THAT* much. I think the sales of the games on those consoles wasn't good enough so they don't want to put the money into them.

But maybe I'm wrong... But the WII U?! That's a load of bollocks.

The same system that can run Xenoblade Chronicles X can't run Afterbirth? Are you being serious? I think your team of programmers just do shitty ports.

Says the guy who wouldn't release Guxt on the 3DS eShop due to HIM not being satisfied with the content in the game...

Man, I was waiting for Guxt to hit 3DS eShop. Was wondering what happened to it. Sad

Performance in terms of what? How it runs or how the last versions sold?

Kind of ironic how they sponsor a Nintendo fansite, but won't be completely supporting Nintendo systems. Will wait for further reasons from him, but I doubt we will get anything substantial.

It started out as a Flash-game, and never progressed in a technical sense. Inevitably the game's myriad little inefficiencies would catch up to it as they kept dumping new ideas into it.

The Isaac bubble has burst. Time to get on the Temple Of Yog bubble instead.

No...Surely he would have rewritten the code when doing the sequel....

I know damn well hes smarter than that, So i wonder if the question is that hes simply too lazy to use those smarts.

It'd be just as likely that he'd have written a virtual machine to hold the original Flash game, and continued developing in Flash. If he's running into particle limitations with the Wii U, it's very likely he took the laziest route he thought he could get away with.

*Looks at Fast Racing Neo*

Sure pal. Get better at programming then.

In other news......BoI is super overrated anyway. *shrug*

Guess we'll have to remove the Binding of Isaac: Rebirth banner from the site now...

Games like Xenoblade exist on the New 3DS and Wii U, so I'm gonna say he's really bad at coding.

Then again the N3DS version did have all of those bugs...


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