Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam - StreetPass Puzzle now out in Europe

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Who is this Emanuele chap? Unless he works for Nintendo, how in blue blazes did he finish it already? Either that or Europe must be a rat's nest full of 3DSs.

Fri Nov 20 15 12:54pm
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He did finish it pretty quick, so most likely he has SpillPassPi setup (I use it too). Just keep your 3DS in sleep mode and set it aside and it allows you to get worldwide street passes right from your home internet. When the Yo-Kai Watch puzzle was added I had finished it in 2 or 3 days. Probably could have finished it in a day but I only let it run for like an hour or two per day. http://www.spillmonkey.com/?page_id=5

... or he just bought them all with play-coins. There were no pink streetpass only tiles. They were all purchasable.

What's the one on the left? Tomodachi? Did we ever get that one in America?

I don't think we did, which is weird. It's not like it costs Nintendo anything to give us a puzzle, and it promotes their game.


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