Nintendo bringing eShop to all remaining EU countries on Dec. 10th

Nintendo is finally expanding the eShop to the unlucky EU countries that haven't had access. On Dec. 10th, the following countries will finally be able to access the eShop for all the digital fun!

- Cyprus
- Estonia
- Latvia
- Lithuania
- Malta
- Slovakia
- Slovenia
- Bulgaria
- Croatia
- Hungary
- Romania

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Whoa, that's some awesome news!!

I don't know what took them so long but it's good to see it finally happen.

I often need to remind myself that Nintendo is relatively small compared to it's primary competitors. Gaining more ground in the EU will defiantly help in the long run, I always felt like things just never really worked well for Nintendo over there, they send over the best bundles and have creative directs but it's never been enough and I think it's cause of simple things like these that are often overlooked. If this is part of the ground plans for Nintendo's mobile and NX effort, then I think region locking will be gone soon... maybe.

Aren't the Playstation and Xbox digital stores region locked?

I was hoping that they would do that with South America too, I have to buy games with the canada E-Shop...

Didn't they pull out of the South American market simply because taxes and such on video games are ridiculously expensive? The profit margin just wasn't worth it. Or is that just for physical goods and import taxes?

If I was remembering that correctly, then it's hard to blame Nintendo for that. The fault lies within the individual countries who tax the hell out of all of that.

It was just Brazil iirc

At least in my company, when we sold software, it is Tax free (Chile). Steam games are also Tax free....

I had no idea those countries didn't have access to it. What the hell?

You need to see it that way:

Classic main focus nations are the UK, France and Germany (the UK has the strongest focus, sometimes causing iffy situations)
Second focus are BeNeLux, Hispanian Peninsula, Italy, CH and Austria ... and maybe Scandinavia. Nowadays also Russia is important.

The former Warsaw Pact region and the Balcans are due to development seen as unimportant for several companies and it is nice that NoE now gives the Baltics and the smaller EURO-nations the eShop.

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I agree Yomanation. That was my reaction.

Congrats, Europe! Smile

So glad I don't live in one of those countries.

This may sound crazy, but wouldn't the best, easiest solution for customers be to have no region locking and do away with the electronic rentals altogether? Then again, none of this is done with customer wants or rights in mind, is it?

Youth Protection Law and local regulations hinder this.

Best example is:

Americans have an issue with innuendos in games
Europeans with violence of certains aspects of WW2.

Before 2006, Nintendo didn't rent software and there were no region locks on handhelds until 2008.

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