Is it coming to the west?

It's supposed to be out now. You can check by going up to the second floor and turn on the 3DS on the desk.

I did and nothing happen.

That's because it is currently only at Nintendo Zones. If will be available at home eventually (likely next week), but for now you have to go out to like McDonalds or something.

Oh ok. Thank you. Smile

You should be able to get it a home now. I tried this morning and got it. =)

I got it from a hot spot yesterday and I got it. Smile thank you!

Nice! A Disk Writer.

I cringed when they went into the item thing and scrolled around looking for the items.

The Magnifying Glass is a search button, and when you press it in a new house, it automatically shows you all of the new items you get. Meaning it would have just had all the game furniture right there.


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