Microsoft Studios says they have no info on other games possibly hitting Wii U

This is in relation to Microsoft Studios' comments last night about Rare Replay and the fan request to bring it to Wii U. Looks like they're trying to shut down any future questions.

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Could the phrase ... "at this time" be the key to this statement.

It often is where Nintendo is involved.

Sat Dec 12 15 10:40pm
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I'm happy they're even acknowledging all the interest. I feel positive about this whole situation.

I almost feel like they'd be open to:

A) Working more closely with Nintendo on getting the Goldeneye 007 mess sorted out.

B) Allowing RARE characters like Banjo-Kazooie into Smash Bros! (Which would also mean amiibo!!)

Sat Dec 12 15 11:21pm
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A) Nintendo's not going to be any more helpful than Microsoft at dealing with whoever owns the rights to the film and to James Bond (don't remember which company that is). Come to think of it, did Microsoft have to contact Nintendo about porting the Banjo-Kazooie games?

B) Including a character in someone else's game is presumably a far cry from getting an entire game released on someone else's hardware.

Makes me think B-K could be a possibility afterall with either a general RARE VC release, or perhaps a RARE classics collection instead(would make sense, only a single rating required, so less cost, could create better PR)

They also said they weren't closed to the idea of releasing Rare Replay on Nintendo systems, but instructed fans to ask RARE rather than Microsoft about it.

This is part of what has me so optimistic.

Rare's last game on a Nintendo console: Star Fox.
News about Microsoft possibly letting Rare release a game on a Nintendo console again and what else is about to happen?: Star Fox.
SFZ was delayed to bring on Rare to add adventure sections: confirmed.

Nope, a remake of Star Fox Adventures instead. I'd buy that in a heartbeat, actually.

An HD remake would be a real treat. Would also buy.

They've actually released quite a few games on Nintendo consoles after they were acquired by Microsoft. On the GBA they ported all of the DKC games, Sabre Wulf, It's Mr. Pants, and even some on the DS, Banjo Pilot, Diddy Kong Racing, and Viva PiƱata. Plus one original release on the GBA, Banjo Kazooie Gruntys Revenge, so there's a decent chance this could work out

GBA and DS aren't consoles.

Seriously can't think of any video game related news that would make me happier than: 1. BK 1 & 2 on Nintendo VC for me to preserve one of my favorite childhood memories forever (without buying a Microsoft product) 2. BK in my current favorite series (Smash).

I would probably faint.

I just want

-Perfect Dark Zero
-Viva Pinata

-yes, 360 ports because it would be a sign of good will. If anything, Sony and Microsoft should consider porting games to Nintendo platforms. A) Nintendo doesnt compete with the two in the traditional sense and B) since Nintendo consoles are a level behind these days, Sony and Microsoft could use Nintendo's machine as the "catch up" platform to potentially gain new users in the long run.


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