Customers having a tough time finding Devil's Third

If you want Devil's Third, it seems the right way to go is digital. We've heard multiple reports that Devil's Third is almost impossible to find at retail. Reports have come in that GameStop has just over 400 retail copies to go around for online orders. Anyone out there have any luck finding a retail copy?

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Gamestop still has them on their online store.

I keep wondering ... do I pay $60 to have a game I will probably not play.
Or do I wait until the digital copy is half off and grab it then.

Sun Dec 13 15 09:10pm
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Ya I waited for Best Buy's sale and not even by 8am they were sold out? Online as well!?!?!? Did they get like 4 copies for the entire company or something because I coudn't even choose a store for pickup...

Only want a physical version. Clearly Nintendo didn't realize Devil's Third is the best game they've released this generation if no one can find a physical copy. Know your audience Nintendo!

I am pretty sure this game is anything but "the best" it has been panned and bombed in both europe and japan.

Both in Europe and Japan? JAPAN?

Sorry, but could you please frabricating false information?

Devil's Third got a 8, 8, 8, 9 score on Famitsu. And everyone is Japan has been enjoying the game, as you can see here: http://gonintendo.com/stories/240491-amazon-japan-user-reviews-for-devil-s-third-are-quite-positive

Really, there are ZERO news about the game being panned in Japan.

By the way, the game has been panned by journalists in the West. C'mon, dude, they're freakin' gaming journalist. Do you really think they know what they're doing? Here's a hint: they don't - They have been hating the game since it was announced as a Wii U exlusive; do you think they would change their minds and put out good reviews? C'mon!

If you go Youtube and look for honest opinions of normal people (instead of Youtubers who will make fun of the game to get views), you're gonna see that European players also liked the game. All these reviews I found on the first page of my search). All positive reviews by people who liked the game:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XMyErBVajOo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9P7OmrqKM9U https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XKJ_5CJ6r6o https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g8xSH1NieuE

No offense buddy but uhn, who gives a ******* about reviews and opinions?

Let's put our feet in the real world ok? and for that you don't use opinions, you use SALES. You know why? because if a product is good people will give their hard-earned money to get it. People not buying simply means that it is not as good as people "says it".

Devil's third didn't have very good sales in either place. That's what only matters. And it wont have good sales either here because why getting a half-assed shooter-slash game with a ridiculous story and control issues when you can get other better shooters out there?

If any, this shows that Itagaki is a mediocre developer with a huge ego.

So by your logic, Bieber makes good music and Candy Crush is one of the best games ever made. The better it's accessible, the better it looks on the outside, the better it sells to the casual, simple minded masses, the sales say nothing about the actual quality within the game.

Sun Dec 13 15 11:44pm
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because if a product is good people will give their hard-earned money to get it.

And what they perceive as "good" ultimately boils down to their (I would seriously advise you to take a seat because this revelation is about to rock your universe):


I guess when the PC version is officially released and millions sign up to play it, D's 3rd will suddenly become a "good" game according to the [il]logic of Sean M. cultists.

Exactly. We all have different tastes. "Some like the mother and some like the daughter" as some say ;)

The biggest Music/game/movie chain here in Norway (Platekompaniet) didn't have the game NOR was it in their system. The guy I asked never heard of the game and checked the computer just to find out that it does not know of the game either. Gamespot has it though, but damn expensive. But then again... eShop Smile

"because if a product is good people will give their hard-earned money to get it."

Sure, dude, like the guy there said, following yoyr logic, Justin Bieber should be best musician of all time. Those Transformers movies? Man, these are the real cinema classics.

Also, Devil's Third didn't have good sales?

Dude, Devil's Third in Japan was released on Amazon.jp. In the US it's happening the same thing, the game is getting a very limited release. Let alone the fact the game had ZERO marketing. Nintendo didn't bring the game to any event, didn't show it on any Directs and TV commercials? Not a chance.

By the way, the is completely sold out. In other words, this shows people are in fact interested in game. At least, more than what Nintendo thought they would be.

So the game didn't sell well? NO SHIT, SHERLOCK!

Also, just go to miiverse and see what people are saying about the game. Everyone there is giving positive impressions. If people are not enjoying the game, why the heck everyone who is actually playing it is saying the game is good?

You are in denial. The game is total junk and while it did OK review-wise in Japan, that's because only very few people that knew what they were getting into bought it. And Famitsu is total shit.

Dude, I apprecaite you agreeing with me, BUT don't use reviewers as a way to backup arguements and PAN them in the same comment.

You are never going to agree with every reviewer. Doesn't mean you are them are wrong, it means you have different tastes in games. Those gamerzgate people caused so much unnecessary grief... but ANYWHO... Devil's Third got panned by a lot of outlets, was liked by some.

If you are unsure, buy the game and try it yourself. There's no demo coming, can guarantee that.

There was clearly a hint of sarcasm on my part. We all know that Amiibo Festival is the best game Nintendo has made this generation or last.

But seriously, it's a Mature game on a Nintendo platform. There aren't many. They could have clearly sold more than they expected to. They are just afraid to be associated with games that aren't family friendly.

Cause, in all seriousness, if you are company willing to put your name on a game that is the utter crud of Amiibo Festival or Happy Home Designer, you should have no qualms puttting it on Devil's Third.

Its a ploy to sell the game "used" at $90+ a la Xenoblade Chronicles :P

I got one at gamestop. They only had 2 copies and one was for a preorder.

It's almost like they want this game to fail from the get-go.

I feel like with each of the last three years we've have had that discussion.

Nintendo is sending to die the Wonderful 101

Nintendo is sending Bayonetta 2 to die.

I mean, I know this is by far the worst case, especially since the game is a LOT rougher than the other 2. But still, it just comes to show how little they market several of their second party exclusive titles.

Fatal Frame could be added to that list. It didn't even get a retail release, and the size of the game is fairly large.

Didn't B2 sell pretty good? The entire fanboy drama on the net was good marketing in itself, but they sure should have pushed it themselves though.

Bayo 2 wasn't sent out to die, they did a bunch of marketing for it. I saw commercials and online ads all over the place.

I reserved and played Devils Third, it's not great in the slightest, but it was a nice simple palette cleanser to the overly complex Xenoblade X. I think Nintendo doesn't want to be embarrassed over it. This was neither their's or Itagaki's real vision on the game.

Every Gamestop near me has a copy. That was hard

Sun Dec 13 15 11:53pm
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You may want to go shopping in Europe. Here in Germany you will find enough Retail Copies for everyone on Amazon or various Retail Stores. Pricing is 49,99 Euros including the Regional Lockout of the Wii U.

Many people are thinking Devil's Third is selling like hot Cakes in the US. The truth is, the print Nintendo released was so hilarious small, most likely only the people who pre ordered the Game were actually able to get one.

And believe me, the Game bombed hard in Europe : D
I still wait until I can grab this for 20 Euros.

I can't quite understand why this game is 70 dollars cad if Nintendo was going to release it on a suicide mission with hardly any acknowledgement that it even exists. Poor reviews, no advertising, and a high price point? I was on the fence about getting it if it was half that price, but this is surprising.

Hey if you get a copy don't open it. In twenty years it could be another Earthbound.


I have heard that devil's third has a tough time finding customers too

It's almost as if Nintendo is doing them a favour.

GameStop wouldn't take a run of 400 copies, even from Ninty; nor would they print that few. I'm not even sure how they came to such a number, as checking the site, every single store within a 100 mile radius of me has copies (It's not even marked as low stock in most of em.) Unless someone's trying to make the argument they only retained 400 for online orders (which would be silly) and shipped the entire remainder of their allotment to stores?

Interesting. I pre-ordered it from best buy since I have the gamers program for the 20% off and it shipped no problem. Good luck to everyone else who's looking for it.

ugh, Destructoid, a haven for wannabe frat boys

Well, that is one way to keep a game out of the bargain bins.

I have to wonder why NOA just didn't let XSEED publish the game?

I went to a few GameStop stores in my area, and while they all had ONE copy of the game, it was opened and put on display, being sold as "new." The clerk called to a few more stores and it seemed like that was the case pretty much everywhere. So being able to find a new and sealed copy at retail now is gonna be pretty tough.

Even on eBay right now, the "new" copies being sold for hundreds of dollars are the opened/resealed GameStop copies.

So I was wondering of the people who have played the game, is it good or not worth it? I am thinking of buying a game and thought about this game or another, but I like to hear what a really gamer thinks not a site, thanks.


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