Consumers turn to eBay for Devil's Third physical copies, paying ridiculous prices

You can get Devil's Third on the Wii U eShop for $60. Some say that price is too high for a game that hasn't really received much praise at all. It seems that others disagree with that statement and feel a physical copy of the title is worth much more. There are a bunch of eBay auctions for the game that have set their goals quite high. You can see a range of prices from $150 to about $400. So far, it seems the highest amount pulled in for an actual successful auction was $200.

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Wow. Glad I grabbed it from Dell when they had it for $30! Maybe I should put it up on eBay....

I'm thinking people think it will be super rare to sell someday, but like, nobody will want an opened game.

And on the other side of the pond:

Amazon UK offers Devil's Third for cerca 17 quids (25 dollar)

What's amusing is that there seemed to be more on Gamestop's website yesterday -- more stores closer to me and it had returned to the on-line store.

Today, it's nada and nada.

I thought about buying a copy because it was so rare. I will wait until it goes on sale digitally, if I ever get it.

They must have used the european sales numbers as a reference and ordered very few copies. Even though it got a low stock here it hit the offer bin in a couple of weeks.

Well. Probably should've bought it when I had the chance.

This sucks, I dont want to buy this twice, but the physical copy loses so much value when opened...

There's still heaps of copies at my local game stores. Though they are PAL games. So I guess this only applies to NTSC versions of the game.

I had planned to pick up the game as soon as my exams were finished, but now I'm probably screwed. I'm rather annoyed because Amazon had stock just yesterday, but now they're suddenly sold out. I'll call my local EB Games tomorrow, hopefully they've got at least one copy lying around.

Guys, seriously, it's not worth it....the game is absolute shit!


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