Splatoon sells over one million copies in Japan

Today, Nintendo confirmed on their Splatoon blog that they've sold one million copies of Splatoon in Japan. This included physical, digital and bundles. Congrats!

Also on the blog, Nintendo announced that the Squid Sisters will preform live at the Game Party Japan 2015. That takes at 12 am PT on Saturday, January 30. It will most likely air on NicoNico.

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That's awesome to see. Splatoon defied a lot of expectations in terms of sales I think, and it's nice to see it chugging along. I also wonder if this is the first step towards Callie and Marie becoming virtual idols. Smile

Kudos, Squid Kids.

There better be a Callie and a Marie Nendoroids~

Wed Dec 16 15 09:35am
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Proud of the game. Personally it's my GOTY. It revitalized shooters and online play in my book. Halo Reach was the only other one that made me feel that way, even then not as much.

They actually could of celebrated it with a smash reveal. but did not..
Regardless. Congrats Splatoon. You deserve it. Pretty much kept the Wii-U alive on your own for most of the year when nobody at nintendo or hardly any fans expected you to sell even a million world wide. Let alone in japan alone.

You're pretty much become THE Wii-U game for me.

Even though I don't have the game (I don't really like shooters), it's nice to see it do well. Such a fresh coat of paint (pun intended).

Very surprising to see, glad to see it doing so well. I haven't played for a long time since Mario Maker and XCX have come out, but it's still one of my favorite games,

Wed Dec 16 15 03:17pm
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Now I really believe that Splatoon is truly making the most out of the wii u hardware. Why, any other way Nintendo would have already crammed a Splatoon port to the 3DS after this sucess in Japan.

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