Nintendo president sees more potential in amiibo

Coming from Nintendo president, Tatsumi Kimishima...

“There is still potential in amiibo. We want to make ‘the expansion of function to play with the game as a single entity’ one of the big pillars.”

It'll be interesting to see if that rumor of an amiibo-specific game releasing turns out to be true. It's something fans have been asking for!

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Thu Dec 17 15 03:13pm
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Of course there is potential. The Mario Kart 8/Yoshi's Woolly World is the perfect way to use amiibo. Amiibo should be more about unlocking minimal fanservice stuff that doesn't affect the completion of a game but mostly gives you something based on the character that you bought.

Amiibo shouldn't be a Pay to win. Having that in Rainbow Curse and Paper Jam for me is an unsatisfying addition.

Shovelknight and Splatoon are doing it wrong too... unlocking stages and challenges makes Amiibo look more like a download key than something new.

Not to mention Mario Party 10 or Amiibo Festival, turning amiibo into just a simple button. Talk about grasping the bottom of the barrel.

Smash Bros and Mario Tennis have a pretty decent idea, but doesn't feel new or needed enough to be a thing bigger than the figures themselves.

As I said, amiibo should be mostly for skins and small stuff, but it also should have it's own centric game. Something huge. Amiibo needs its Disney Infinity, its Skylanders. Heck, a sequel for Nintendo Land would work perfectly with amiibo.

Agreed. I'm not even big on games like Skylanders or Disney Infinity but when Nintendo announced Amiibo, I thought I could finally see what it's all about with their take on it. I would argue that Nintendo even has more opportunities to do wonders with their toys than the other guys due to their wealth of ip's (especially pokemon) and the ability to avoid extra accessories.

The way Amiibo are currently being used feels like it should take a back seat to a proper Amiibo game, but here we are.

Anyone know why he made these comments? Was this in an interview with someone?

I really hope I could someday do something more interesting with the amiibo. I want to see more stuff what they did with Code Name Steam, bring whole characters into other games, and also something what was done with Smash Bros. but something more interesting, use the save feature. There truly is a lot potential in them, and.... I mean skins... that's just boring, amiibos wouldn't be worth it just for that.

The usage so far has been pretty pathetic. SSB amiibo could have done so much more. I pitched the idea to Nintendo about four years ago when I found out the Wii U had an NFC pad and suggested all sorts of things like unlocking little bonuses like maybe a stage or an alt costume or song or something--nothing that would take away from the main game, but would enhance for collectors.

I don't mind what they DO--it's pretty interesting, I just wish you could use them online or in event match mode or Smash Tour or anything. They're pretty limited.

I've been playing Skylanders Superchargers and it really makes me want a Smashlanders game. It would be too perfect.

Please no more amiibo locked content, thanks!

Fuck amiibos, I just want more games, and no content behind amiibo toywalls. If they release a game like Skylanders, that's perfectly fine, but I want nothing to do with it.

Nintendo Land 2 still will make the most sense to me. Either for attractions, decorating the park or adding the characters to the games [in a craft-like style], it just seems like it'll fit.

However the prospect seems like they'll just keep adding new ones and steadily drop support to the old ones.

Still from a business perspective non-gamers and non-nintendo gamers could find them as a novelty item for the next years.


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