Temple of Yog artist details the process of making the game colorblind-friendly

Coming from Temple of Yog artist, Lee Bretschneider...

I took inventory of my constraints and set to work establishing a palette and a workflow to check every asset for visibility in both the Light and Shadow Realms. I know there are many fantastic programs dedicated to pixel art but I use Photoshop for my familiarity with its automation features.

Once the palette was chosen, I set to work creating a Shadow Realm Gradient Map adjustment layer I could put in any document to quickly replicate the effects created in the engine. The shader pushes light values to the warm oranges and yellows, midtones to pink, and dark values to deep purple and blue. I toggled the visibility of the adjustment later to see how the shader effect would impact the color visibility of the base palette.

Full feature here

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I'm so getting this when it's released here in EU. Any word of a release date yet?

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