Crush 40 mentions Sonic 25th anniversary game, deletes post

Crush 40 has had their music appear in all sorts of Sonic games and are quite synonymous with the series. That said, they haven't offered up much content for games in recent memory. Fans wanted to know if they were going to return to the series anytime soon, to which a Crush 40 member said this on Facebook.

We are planning a few performances for 2016 to commemorate the anniversary of Sonic. We “might” participate in writing new songs for the anniversary game…stay tuned…

The post was deleted shortly thereafter without any mention as to why it was yanked. Looks like we might have seen something a tad earlier than SEGA intended! Thanks to Lars for the heads up!

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Sun Jan 03 16 11:59am
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They were clearly talking about Sonic Boom Dash!

...I wonder if this new one will hit a Nintendo console, though. Excited to see what they come up with!

Shall be interesting to see what kind of game they are making. I do hope it hits the NX.

Still the greatest moment of my life getting to meet Jun and Johnny, such lovely guys.
Not to mention the live performance an hour later.

Can't wait to see what they're making.

I hope this doesn't get them replaced or something......... The singer is absolutely amazing.

Sun Jan 03 16 01:56pm
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I hope this doesn't get them replaced or something

If it does, you could say they would have... lived and learned.

...but no this wouldn't be enough. This kinda thing happens all the time.

Yea I doubt they got the boot because of that.

But I'm hanging on the edge of tomorrow wondering what they're gonna make for the 25th

Sun Jan 03 16 09:01pm
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Oh come on, is nobody here opening their heart on some of their older contributions?

(Don't ask me to shoehorn in a 'Knight of the Wind' joke in there too, although is fine and dandy just as their other songs. They surely showed off what they're made o-GODDAMMIT)

With Sega having a new president, I'm just hoping for the best.

I used to be adamently against Sonic getting into Brawl, but that all changed when the reveal trailer rocked my world. Amazing song.

Perhaps a Sonic Generations 2 for PS4, Xbone, Wii U, and PC? (and a 3DS version with unique stages?) If that ends up being so one major thing I wanna see is more than one stage representing individual Sonic games, and maybe more boss fights from said games too. Generations 1 was a fantastic way to celebrate the 20th anniversary in 2011, I'd be all for a sequel.

They could include some stage representation from games like Sonic CD, Lost World, 3D Blast, and maybe even the Master System/Game Gear games.

I'm so excited! The only bad Sonic games in recent memory- Lost World 3DS, and Boom -were outsourced to other developers. The games developed by Sonic Team have been fairly consistent in quality since 2008, (some mediocre, but nothing bad), so I'm still pretty hyped to learn the future of the main series.

Two wishes: it goes back to the boost game play of Generations and Unleashed but innovates/builds upon it (please for the LOVE OF GOD no wisps!) and it isn't a Nintendo exclusive (no longer own my Wii U would love to play it and see what a Sonic game would look like on my PS4).

Or I would love to see a Generations 2 because the lack of DLC in Generations was the BIGGEST missed opportunity in ALL of gaming IMO. Would've GLADLY payed for more zones in a heartbeat. Grand Metropolis, Ice Cap, Jungle Joyride , Eggmanland, Twinkle Park, Egg Fleet, Hydrocity, Mystic Cave, Final Rush. Those are just off the top of my head.

I'd frankly prefer them blowing the 25th anniversary on a proper sequel to adventure 2. Though knowing how long it would take, an announcement for it would also be cool.

Though having them doing something somewhat unpredictable like Mario Maker would also be a treat.


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