Random Time! - A look at Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Reflex's still-active online community

Yes, believe it or not, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Reflex is still up for online play. It seems like at most, there are 800 people playing online. I'm just amazed that people are still there and playing! Pretty damn cool to see that. Thanks to RikuKH for the heads up!


How is this possible? Custom servers or something like that?

Nintendo's own Wi-Fi Connection servers are shut down but a few third-party companies use their own servers for Wii's online games.

Didn't know this, I thought everything (except browser and video streaming) was handled by the WFC.

Do such games use friendcodes?

This one did, yeah. Strangely this has the WFC logo so not sure why it's still live. For Black Ops and MW3 though they simply had a black logo saying "Online" to indicate they used their own servers and I don't think they needed friend codes either. Same with MH3 too I believe, or they at least used a different method like shorter codes or something.

I'm pretty sure I remember reading that all but 1 of Activision's online games for Wii are still playable online, and I think the one game that isn't is CoD: World At War.

There may even be at least one Just Dance and Rockband game that still work online too.

Aren't there still people playing halo 1?


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