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Hope about a 2nd shipment of physical releases?

And more Bayo 2.

And how about telling people when you plan to put a game out of print.

Hopefully they're lifting the region barrier... Or maybe patching in local or Bots. I know them liking my tweet asking about those doesn't really mean anything, but at least it wasn't a direct No :-)

Mon Jan 04 16 05:58pm
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Wait...is the multiplayer region locked? Because if so, that is ridiculous.

edit: I just Googled it. It is indeed region locked. I had little interest in the game to begin with, now I'll never buy it.

Still waiting for just the multiplayer for a reduced price on the eShop. The PC version has something like that so I don't see why not.

Hope they release a patch that actually erases the entire game and makes the disc explode. That'd be funny.

Just got mine today. ;(


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