New BOXBOY! game heading to 3DS

Surprise number 1...there's a new BOXBOY! game heading to 3DS. Surprise number 2...it's available in Japan RIGHT NOW! It seems the title is something like BOXBOY! One More Box. It costs 680 yen and takes up 712 blocks of space. Costumes from the available game look like they transfer over. Early levels are focused on using multiple blocks at different times. We'll share more details once we have them.

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I wasn't a big fan of the first. While I appreciated how far they went with the minimalism theme, the levels were either really easy or solved through random trial and error. After beating it, I barely touched it again.

Also the story feels like pretentious junk.

Story? Boxes solve puzzles and save the world, which I guess they're literally a part of? There's your story.

Fantastic news!! I adored Boxboy!!

I enjoyed, but didn't fall in love with the first. That said, I'm incredibly happy they made another.

I just 100%'d the first and I'll definitely buy this once it comes to the U.S.

I didn't ask for this, but the first one was fun. I'd gladly play more.

I've really enjoyed the first one (so far), and I welcome another! Thought the first game was a pretty good value for the price, and I liked the mechanic. I'm worried that the new mechanic in this game will render things a little too complicated ala Pushmo --> Crashmo.

Loved the first one all the way to the end (after the end I didn't love the levels, but until then it was stellar!).
If buy a sequel day one!

good news, don't know about the story, I can't really remember one to be honest. I wish they could have done something with the background and themes or badges.

First one was fantastic, very happy there's another Smile

Wed Jan 06 16 11:41am
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Wow! What an unexpected pleasant surprise!

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