Wii U hits 3 million sold in Japan

The Wii U may not be the best-selling Nintendo console ever, but it still managed to hit a milestone in Japan. The latest hardware sales data shows us that the Wii U has now sold over 3 million units in Japan alone. We know the total sales for the platform hover around 10 million somewhere, so it seems the bulk of sales are coming from Japan and, most likely, North America.

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Well, there's some good news for the system, despite all the negativity surrounding it. Sorta like a fresh air.

(in before the resident cynics to turn this into a negative light, as always)

I do wonder how many consoles were sold thanks to Splatoon, haha. XD

I believe what actually seal the deal was Mario Kart 8 and its special offer of 1 out of 8 free games to download with the purchase.

That and a strong E3 showing (2014) was what got me and two of my friends so it's believable. Nintendo should really try these good deal things more often.

Wed Jan 06 16 05:12pm
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Some fun facts:

GameCube barely sold over 4M in Japan. That means that the Wii U, when it's all done at least sold 75% of the GC in Japan with very very little third party support.

Yes, the Wii U has sold over 4M in the US alone, so US + Japan = the bulk of the sales. (the GC to Wii U comparison isn't as rosy here though... GC sold 11M in the US)

@MasterOfMonster - a lot.... I'd easily say like 400K to Splatoon & Mario Maker.

I still find it amazing that even Wii U is doing better than the PS4 in Japan. I guess the lack of JRPGS and Monster Hunter are killing it.

We'll see if that's the case this year, a lot of RPGs are coming.

Still PC does have the promise of a Yandere simulator. 8p

I thought Wii U sold 12.5 million consoles by now, is it still in the 10 million range?

That news about Wii U reaching 10 million units if from July... LOL. It's a lot more than 10 million now.

Wed Jan 06 16 06:21pm
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The WiiU deserves better than to be known as a "failure". It's had a lot of great games and provided a lot of fun for me and my family.

Agreed. It's been one of my favorite Nintendo systems in a good while.

Oh, absolutely. Even when compared to the competition, the Wii U's lineup unmatched and I very good deal in terms of pricing. It's lineup of games makes the Wii's look like a complete joke.

It beats the Wii hands down for me just because the games feel like they are actually targeted towards me while many on the Wii did not. It's definitely my favorite system since the gamecube and it surpasses the DS because it fulfills my wish for an HD ds.

I think the games lack some of the innovation we saw in the Wii and Gamecube era, but they are good. Splatoon and Mario Maker stand out as unique titles. NSMBU, Pikmin 3, DKC TF, Mario Kart 8, SM3DW all feel like great safe sequels.

Honestly all I really need is a Metroid, Paper Mario and Animal Crossing to feel fully satisfied with the Wii U's library (and of course Zelda U).

It'll be sad to watch Nintendo move on from the Wii U without even releasing a Metroid on hardware that seems almost perfect for it.

I agree the games on Wii U are less innovative, though it's also for this reason that I probably like it a lot more than the Wii. The Wii U is different enough from your normal controller to feel fresh without shoving awkward ways of playing the same games down your throat (ofc this isn't to say that the Wii didn't get any exceptional tailor made games that used the hardware correctly). While the DS/3DS covered many potential games that could have shown up on the Wii U, being an HD DS left plenty of opportunities to differentiate itself but nobody really capitalized on that. I feel like the first example was XCX with Zelda possibly being the last. Had the Wii U got a metroid Prime, it probably could have been another great example.

Not to mention the safe sequels just feel all around better this time around, though that's mostly because of design decisions. The sluggishness and tripping in brawl and the wheelies and hacking in Mario Kart made me feel like I didn't play a proper smash or mario kart since the gamecube era (MK DS was good).

Yeah for sure, the games are still great. I was speaking more so about gameplay changes, like how we saw Super Paper Mario and Mario Galaxy on Wii, both changed a lot from previous entries. Skyward Sword to a degree as well. And of course Sunshine, Prime and Wind Waker on Gamecube changing things up a lot as well. We didn't really see that kind of innovation with Wii U titles this time around, more so just refining what already worked.

That's not a big problem, but I did feel like a lot of the games Wii U got were just expanded concepts from 3DS games. Good, but safe.

Again my highlights were Splatoon and Mario Maker, both very unique titles.

Alright EU, now do your part and show the Wii U some love.

"We know the total sales for the platform hover around 10 million somewhere"

Not really. The Wii U reached 10 million back in July 2015... We're in January 2016. At this point, it's more like 13 million.

It's actually sold over 12 million, around 13. So yup.


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