Pokémon the Movie XY & Z 2016 - official synopsis

As Ash continued his journey aiming to become a Pokémon Master, a lump covered in white smoke suddenly dropped out of the sky and landed in front of him and his friends. As white smoke spread around as far as the eye could see, a shape appeared from within it; The mythical Pokémon Volcanion.

Ignoring the worried Ash and his friends, Volcanion, who hates humans, immediately tries to leave the place. However, the impact of the fall caused Ash and Volcanion to be linked together by a strange device, leaving them unable to separate...!

Volcanion runs off and Ash gets dragged along by it, eventually reaching the Azoth Kingdom, a city of super-machinery where gigantic cogwheels are all over the place and rotating. Why did Volcanion fall from the sky? And why did it head to the Azoth Kingdom!? With the mechanical kingdom of machinery as its setting, the hottest legend in Pokémon history begins!

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Interesting. I am warming up to Volcanion.

I wonder if the main Pokémon in this movie will be sorta mechanical now. I wonder if we can expect a brand new Pokémon to star in this.

Joe, share your inside knowledge! XD

Didn't they say something big was going to happen? Probably just a generation 7 preview.


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