NPD - Unconfirmed sales data for Xenoblade Chronicles X, Devil's Third in the U.S.

Once again, these numbers are unconfirmed, but they come from a trusted source.

Xenoblade Chronicles X

- over 200,000 copies

Devil's Third

- over 3,000 copies

As a reminder, these figures do not include digital sales.


Fri Jan 15 16 03:19pm
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I would have loved to see XCX do great, but I am not surprised by the low sales.
It is always tough to sell an RPG to the Nintendo crowd, no matter how great it is. Unless Mario is the star of course.

Low? Aren't these quite good numbers?

Are NPD numbers only for North America? If so, then this is only the opening month, and it had a better start in NA than the original Xenoblade. I'd say that's a pretty good stat if you ask me.

Yes. For Xenoblade X. These are pretty decent numbers for a first month.
You really can't expect much more

Yes Xenoblade X did pretty good.

Fri Jan 15 16 04:38pm
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200k in less than 1 month are not low sales.

If you are saying it's low sales because you're comparing it to Call of Duty or something, then you're doing it wrong.

200k is pretty strong for any game that's not a super blockbuster like Call of Duty, GTA, Mario Maker or something like that.

Wow, that was an amazingly small allotment of Devil's Third, then.

I want to see eShop sales as I double dipped on Xeno X.

ouch. but kinda expected.

Even with digital sales I doubt XCX did amazingly well. Even if Wii U didn't fall flat on its face XCX was never going to be a huge seller. At this point that's not what's important. Wii U needed a good exclusive RPG like Xenoblade in its library and now it has one.

No wonder Devil's Third was out of stock within days. Nintendo really did not want to release this game it seems.

Not great numbers for X, but at least it seems like it is not bombing.

Given how most Wii U games do, I will take that as a Win.

The Devil's Third result is lol-but-cryin'-inside.

Yeah I thought those were pretty good numbers for Xenoblade.

Xcx is an amazing game, Devils third is surprisingly fun.

XCX did pretty good for its first month. It's an RPG on Wii U.

Fri Jan 15 16 04:36pm
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That "Devil's Third has only 400 copies out there" was FAKE as expected.

Anyways, the should have sold more. It's a great game.

But instead of believing in their devs, Nintendo decided to listen to IGN, Kotaku, Jim Sterling, etc... A bunch of idiots who have NO IDEA of what a good video game looks like.

It's just sad seeing how these fuckin' morons have so much power in this industry.

"That "Devil's Third has only 400 copies out there" was FAKE as expected."

The 420 copies thing was just for Gamestop specifically, whereas NPD covers all physical sales.

If we assume that retailers like Amazon, Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy, TRU, etc. all received roughly equivalent shipments, then that would actually be consistent with the game selling ~3000 copies total.

This basically puts Xenoblade X in the top 10 of the 2015 3DS and Wii U games from the article posted earlier... and it only had one month. So yea, needless to say it did damn good.

Its a good number, considering the games niche appeal on a niche console. Would love to see XBCX sales numbers for EU and JP, as well as digital and bundle sales.

I my self am about to (again) buy a Wii U to play it.


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