GameStop cancelling Fire Emblem Fates: Special Edition preorders made after 11/18/2015

We heard some rumblings of cancellations, but now this leaked internal document proves that it's happening. Hopefully you managed to snag your preorder before this date, otherwise you have every reason to be a not-so-happy camper right now.


This sucks for alot of people. I pre-ordered on Amazon right as the direct ended. Hope I'm okay.

As with Seaphron, I pre-ordered the special edition on Amazon right as the direct ended. I also recall that Awakening had similar stock issues, so I guess that Nintendo continues to underestimate the popularity of Fire Emblem.

Nintendo (and Gamestop) this is terrible disrespect towards your customers. They are some of the series' most loyal fans. They preordered it for sakes. It is unnacceptable to leave even a single preorder unfulfilled. Your priority should be to rapidly make more to meet demand. As for Gamestop, it is your responsibility to make sure the stocks add up and demand that Nintendo give you actual numbers.

Gamestop is viewed as an irresponsible retailer, Nintendo is viewed as being anti-consumer, fans are deprived of something they should rightfully get. No one is happy with this.

Unless GameStop made up how many copies of the SE they were getting, I'm going to pin this on Nintendo again.

They are viciously anti-customer now. They don't want us to buy things. They want to rent out eShop copies.

If ANY company cared about customers, they'd open LE/SE preorders and manufacture based on that number, not pull a random number out of their hats.

Oh, I agree, Nintendo is clearly doing something wrong. Creating false scarcity to make people do rash buying decisions is an effective, but disgusting practice.

Yep, Gamestop as usual!

My day 1 Best Buy order is safe for now. Until further notice, it's just a GameStop issue.

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Made mine on the 13th, so hopefully I'm safe.

This is bad form for both companies though, especially since this is the preferred way to play these games.

Yeah, I just checked and I got mine in on the same date. Just under the wire.

The same thing happened to my Dedede amiibo a long while back. Gamestop sucks...

Managed to preorder 3 days before the date, so I just dodged the bullet.

I'm going to definitely be sending my grandmother to every local store on launch. Nothing is going to stop me from buying this (except school, hehe...)

The least Gamestop should do, is give those who preordered late to be given a discount on a Nintendo eshop card, based off of how much they spent for the preorder.

Pre-ordered mine on the 13th as well and was told my copy was safe. But I almost got a scare when I pre-ordered Pokemon 20th Anniversary New 3DS a few days ago. They brought up my Fire Emblem Fates pre-order and pulled out some paper. For a second, I thought they were going to tell me that my pre-order was canceled.

For the record, GameStop accidentally put it back up, but warned stores to not touch it, and some places didn't listen. It was in December when it turned back on.

Uhm, they found out 2 months and still haven't offically said anything? That's not good.

This is why you should buy all of your games on Amazon. GS is useless.


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