Pokemon Red/Blue/Green/Yellow will not support restore points on Virtual Console, more multiplayer details provided

Virtual Console on Nintendo 3DS and Wii U provides more features than just playing retro games on the convenience of a modern video game system. Normally, players can make restore points that will allow them to jump to previous points of the game without the need of creating additional save files. With the upcoming release of the original Pokemon games, it appears as though this feature shall be removed. Additionally, players will not be able to access the Virtual Console menu or the Home Menu while playing multiplayer modes.

There is not a clear explanation as to why this feature has been removed, but since the game revolves around the idea of battling and trading against others, people have speculated that this has been done to prevent players from easily duplicating/cloning Pokemon. It could have also been done as a safety measure to potentially prevent any glitches that could be caused in the game. Although these are not the first Virtual Console games to support wireless multiplayer, they are the first ones to utilize heavy usage of multiplayer for 100% completion. As a result, these are the first Virtual Console games in which the restore points feature has been removed. In an attempt to recreate the original feel of the classic Pokemon games, some features have been removed in exchange for other features to be added.

Additionally, more details about the game's wireless functionality have been provided. According to the game's Virtual Console manual, the following screen will appear on the bottom screen whenever a player tries to connect with another player.

The first option will allow a player to become the host of a room and submit a wireless signal, and the second option will allow a player to search for a wireless signal and join another player's room. After two players are connected with one another, this screen will disappear, and the game will then attempt to replicate the original feeling of Pokemon's iconic multiplayer. 

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It's all good, except for when in a battle you can save anytime so I've got no issue with this.

I could only guess that this was one of the big reasons Pokemon didn't see a VC release 'til now. Lots of VC games allowed for restore-points specifically to let you cheat your way through the (what tends to be seen by today's audience as) unfairly hard games of the NES/SNES, the Pokémon devs seem to take especially thorough measures to prevent cheating of any kind.

Tue Jan 19 16 09:15am
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I'm okay with this. I just want to know if that Teleport glitch that lets you capture Mew is still in there. And also if the Miiverse will support pictures.

It would be nice, but I don't think it will. Mainly because you can nickname your pokemon stuff like Penis and use Harden. I assume that's why you can't take pictures in the normal pokemon games too.

Very true. Then again, you can do those sorts of things in games like Animal Crossing, yet they allow pictures on their Miiverse and the vulgar stuff gets moderated. So I dunno. *shrug* At this point, I don't expect it, but I still want it.

I have my fingers crossed as well XD

This article is a little misleading. You say the feature will be removed RMC and then in the same paragraph you mention just for the wireless mode.

I was kind of hoping it would be removed entirely. I don't remember how the pokeball works, but if it's random every time you can just save state when you told a ball and keep resetting till you get a lucky chain. Or reset till you crit when you use a move. Not that Pokemon games are ever really hard, but it does mess with the flow of the game.

Tue Jan 19 16 10:52am
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Mmmmmm... to be quite honest, I don't really see how it's misleading. It is removed entirely. You can't use the restore point feature at all during the game. The whole "wireless mode" thing is a separate topic in this article.

OH, true that I read it wrong. Thanks for pointing that out haha, I'm glad then!

Wonder if it's even possible to get mew in the VC version? Don't leave us hanging, Nintendo!

Atleast in Japan it will be. In the 2DS Red/Green/Blue/Yellow bundle there will be a coupon which you can trade in in participating stores in Japan to get Mew.

Little bit disappointed. :-/

I could see this making sense if say, you could transfer these Pokemon to Pokemon Bank and use them for the next games... but if you can only trade within R/B/G/Y then it really doesn't matter if the feature was there. Maybe this is hinting that we can transfer to Pokemon Bank...? Probably not but I could only hope... at least so I could get Mew without having to go to EB Games, if they even do it at all.

I don't care either way since you can already save wherever you want.

I hadn't thought of Pokémon Bank, but I doubt it'll be compatible with the newer games in any way. Generation III completely revamped the way the personal data is encoded on each Pokémon. I guess it's not impossible (there's actually someone trying to do it already) but it'd require lot of effort.

I suppose one of the reasons for this is to prevent Pokémon cloning.

I'm ok with this, and it's also because this will cause Gen 1 tournaments to happen. So it's not gonna hurt me any.

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