Nintendo hosting 'RPG showcase' today

Looks like Nintendo is putting on a press event for west coast press. The event is an 'RPG showcase', so at least we know what kind of content is going to be featured. I imagine the focus will be on upcoming third party RPGs, like Final Fantasy Explorers. If any interesting news comes from the event, we'll be sure to share with you.

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If there are any Wii U RPGs shown in addition to SMTxFE and Xenoblade X, (and they certainly ought to show off Xenoblade X some more because it's just that good) and perhaps any upcoming Virtual Console releases, I'll declare it a success.

ooo interesting..

these events tend to happen just before directs or the day of directs. which is how ign comes out and says, we played game X that was just talked about and we liked it/hated it/think it needs more ketchup

There are a lot of people thinking a direct is inbound, this adds some weight to the possibility.

Well, sites already have review copies of Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam, yes?

That would leave Final Fantasy Explorers, Bravely Second, Fire Emblem Fates, Project X Zone 2, Dragon Quest VII, Dragon Quest VIII, and SMTxFE for releases this year (not including SMTIV Final or Zelda TP/Zelda U). Hopefully I'm not forgetting any that are promised to release. I'm guessing this event includes the first 4 I listed (though perhaps not Explorers) and possibly DQVII and SMTxFE if localization has progressed.

It would be awesome if there's new information regarding the western versions of Dragon Quest VII and Dragon Quest VIII being announced today.

But besides that, 2016's definitely the year of RPGs for the Nintendo 3DS.

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