RUMOR - NX to interact with smartphone/PC & even PS4

This information comes from David Gibson, who is the go-to man for live coverage from Nintendo investor briefings in Japan. I don't know where Mr. Gibson is getting his info from, but I'd certainly pay close attention to it. Thanks to Emily for the heads up!

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Wed Jan 20 16 01:44am
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This brings to mind that bit from that Doublevision episode of AVGN, where he talks about an expansion for the Coleovision that lets you play Atari games, and how a similar thing could never happen in the modern market. I had to raise an eyebrow when I saw this. Smartphones? Makes sense. They're going into that market, so they would want a way to bring those people back over into their core gaming hardware. PC? Alright, I can buy that. You can buy eShop games and access Miiverse from your PC, so maybe they want to expand on that. PS4? I'm sorry, what?

Don't get me wrong, I'd have no real problem if some level of connectivity happened, such as cross-console multiplayer for major third-party titles. Hell, I'd welcome it. But you'd have to get me some seltzer water first, so I can do a spit-take if this is true.

The smartphone is a given since they are go mobile. The PC part too. It's as if they have pretty much announced that.

The PS4 part? Well both PS4 and XO are very PC friendly at this point, so some kind of connection wouldn't surprise me, but no cross-platform gaming though. Even if that would be kind of nice in a strange way.

How much are you all willing to bet this will be for cross-server play, like how Final Fantasy XIV does so for PS4 and PC?

Nintendo going third party confirmed! ;)

Nice bait, man ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)

He's a master baiter 💫

Ha ha. Always a classic. Smile

Bait? No, just an intentionally stupid comment.

Gr8 B8 M8! I r8 an 8/8! I can't w8 for the reveal.

Cross-server play on the other systems [CoD, Minecraft etc.] I'm sure, but that's that.

Cross platform play would be huge. I don't have any idea how that could work, but I know it would attract a lot of people knowing they can still play their PS4/X1 friends in a COD match on their Nintendo console. This would also encourage 3rd parties to make games, which most of us see as 1 of the biggest issues Nintendo needs to address with NX.

Wasn't there a game on PS3/Xbox 360 that had Cross Play? I know PC and Playstation 3 had Cross Play for Portal 2 and that was awesome. If there are Cross Play games for third parties, that would be amazing.

Wed Jan 20 16 02:24am
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Based on the wording, it's confusing whether the wall street journal guy is citing Gibson's latest article, which doesn't mention this at all, or is somehow referring to what he's saying in his own tweet as a "report" apparently told to him directly. So incredibly baity without any source or much clarity, it looks more like supposition than a rumor.

Having smartphone interaction is just common sense. The same goes for PC. PS4, I couldn't care less about but I'm sure it couldn't hurt.

Wed Jan 20 16 03:31am
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We can leech off of the PS4's processing power via usb cable. Hope for the NX restored! :D

JK it's probably not game related. I know you can use your smartphone as a keyboard for PS4's youtube app so it's probably something lame like that. Maybe you can use the gamepad or whatever as a controller for PC/Smartphones and the touchscreen as a virtual keyboard for bluetooth enabled stuff

with so many devices possible... I sense a in-house streaming possibility (maybe with a D-Pad + 4 Button + Shoulder support)

I know one thing, right now is the time to buy stocks. You know in a few hours this will turn into "nintendo is going to work for the ps4" !!!!!
although yes there's always a ultra slim chance that will happen, but I mean come on, it's obviously something like miiverse, eshop purchase with the ps4 browser, miitomo as a webpage, and so on. It's not going to be take the disc from the nx and put in on the ps4. the why of it should be pretty obvious. Now if nx is some form of display and/or some form of new controller, I could see how it could work for a while, a quick update should take care of that possibility, especially since you know those are always online.

Most likely it's judt a web site / web app that can be used by any browser. Just like the Miiverse is available on PS4 right now.

It could just mean that it is going to be heavily cloud based, so aside from playing games, almost every other functionality you will be able to control on any device that has a browser.

But yeah, in the end it's just another rumour, so might as well wait for the actual announcements.

Ill be ok with VC game going on PC and PS4, they so many who do it anyway, from ROMs so why not?

VC on PS4? That'll never happen. I also highly doubt they will be on PC.

Didn't they mention something along those lines when they announced the DeNA deal?

Wed Jan 20 16 09:41am
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I see you're all reading this as "work with rival consoles such as PS4". I think it's poorly worded but actually intended to say "and also it will rival consoles such as PS4." You know, rival as a verb, as in "be on par with".

Wed Jan 20 16 09:45am
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Nope. In this case "rival" is an adjective, not a verb. How do I know? Simple, if it were a verb, the Tweet would've read

may work with smartphones and PCs, and even rival consoles
Instead it reads
may work with smartphones, PCs and even rival consoles

Wed Jan 20 16 09:50am
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That's your own interpretation. The guy could have chosen the "news"-style enumeration. As in "NX to Work With Smartphones, PCs", which is completely valid. And then he added the part about rival PCs, not realizing his confusing wording. This is as likely as your explanation.

Frankly neither you or me or anybody can know what he actually meant until he clarifies. As a general rule I'd advise against immediately taking your interpretation as true before considering others.

Wed Jan 20 16 09:56am
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You sly dog. You were the one who was telling others that they were wrong and you were right, so I was countering that. And then you edited your comment to make it look more reasonable and open-minded.
Well played.

Let me try to recall about what your original message said.
"People, read beyond the headlines. It says it will rival the PS4, not work with it."
That was about it, I think

Wed Jan 20 16 10:01am
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Oh, it seems you saw the original message and replied to that. Apparently I wasn't fast enough to edit it out. What happened is at first I thought it was obvious he meant rival as a verb and I RMC had misled everyone with the title, then I read the comments and realized everyone had interpreted it differently, and realized there were two interpretations here, mine was in no way the only one. I tried to edit my message to reflect this before anyone could see it but apparently I wasn't fast enough. I'm not playing anything here, that'd be pretty pyschotic. Sorry for the confusion.

Ah. Heheh. Don't get me wrong. My last reply was more playful than it probably seemed

Nin has said again time after time that they will give us something new that has not been done & want to surprise us. In order for this to work Nin will have to get Licences fee from all those devices to work with NX or else they will get sued. So I don't see this working at all & only thing working for him is hits hits hits.

Hmm.. I hope all of the next generation of consoles are able to communicate with each other for multiplayer games. If android and ios can do it; it's not out of the realm of possibility for consoles. In fact, third parties should demand it as well as gamers.

This is all likely just the web interface for the Nintendo Account and MyNintendo features being accessible from any web browser whether from smartphones, tablets, PC's, or competing consoles.

The only thing I can think of as a possibility is if you own the NX handheld you'll be able to stream gameplay to the PS4 and PC and on the flipside if you own an NX console you'll be able to stream that to a PC and a Smartphone.

So you could choose one or the other and not have to invest in both the handheld AND the console.

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