The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD - more info on amiibo, Trial of the Beast

Ganondorf amiibo

- receive twice the amount of damage as you normally would
- Link’s hearts bar changes from red to blue
- Ganondorf can be scanned as many times as you like a day
- no extra reward for beating bosses when using the Ganondorf amiibo

Trial of the Beast

- location is a cave
- you cannot revert back to human form
- this means you can’t use the sword, bow, shield or even any healing items
- 40 basement floors
- when you clear the final floor while having the Giant Wallet, you’ll obtain the Bottomless Wallet
- each floor will have enemies, but some floors have environmental hazards as well (tiles that spout lava)
- the lower you progress, the stronger the enemies will become

Bottomless Wallet

- this wallet lets you use the Magic Armor for a much longer time with the Rupee limit increase

Wolf Link amiibo

- save a number in the Wolf Link amiibo
- continue the journey when scanning the figure on the title screen
- Link’s in-game health will be replenished based on the amount of hearts you preserved in the Trial of the Beast
- story checkpoints might be marked with a number which can be put inside the amiibo
- this may allow you to save progress through the amiibo, which can be accessed to re-load later


I don't really understand the stuff about the Wolf Link amiibo functionality. Hopefully releases a Direct or press release next week.

Ironically, the Ganondorf amiibo seems the best. =/ Wolf Link amiibo just seems like "GET FREE HEALTH AND SAVE YOUR GAME" or something.

I'll probably do Hero Mode + 3 Heart Run + Ganon Amiibo. Most things will probably kill me in one hit. So it'd probably be the hardest Zelda experience I've ever had.

The wording of the Wolf Link is atrocious, since it still isn't clear what it does aside from unlocking the new Wolf-Only Cave of Ordeals.

I think it actually saves your progress IN the cave, since obviously it doesn't make sense for saving the game itself. Guess we find out soon enough.

Thu Jan 21 16 10:43am
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This actually doesn't explicitly say the Trial of the Beast is locked behind the Amiibo. I mean, it probably is, but the fact it isn't explicitly stated here makes me think. (Also,makes me a bit hopeful.)

Secondly, it says you can save "story checkpoints" inside the Amiibo, which is certainly not something you'll find in the Trial of the Beast. That is definitely something that will appear in the main game while playing it.

EDIT: Well! Never mind about the Trial of the Beast. The new trailer I just saw confirms it's locked behind the Amiibo.

Additionally, the trailer says nothing about story checkpoints.

It just says you store, basically, your high score of how many hearts you still had at the end.

Hmm, that's true. That is peculiar. I believe this info comes from the Famitsu article? I doubt they would have it wrong... But it could be a mistranslation.
I personally think it isn't a mistranslation and that the trailer simply ommited mentioning this thing about "story checkpoints". But it really could go either way!

I bet nobody is going to clarify either way and we'll just find out ourselves when review copies are sent out, assuming they send the amiibo out too.

Wed Jan 20 16 04:13pm
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I just hope the Trial of Beasts doesn't replace that 50-floor gauntlet from the original (forget the name). Though the fact that this doesn't involve human Link at all is encouraging.

You mean the Cave of Ordeals? Yes, I am fairly certain that's still in. Wouldn't even make sense they'd cut that out. What reason would they have for that?

So nintendo is making me pay for hero mode now? What an era we live in.

Big budget gaming needs moar munnies. Not even FPSs in other consoles even deliver complete experiences anymore.

I mean, even discs are kind of pointless most of the games need patches or updates.

If anything the main positive is that small developers have been able to make games easier, at a lower budget and a low cost. Though at the expense of visuals or longevity.

No they aren't.

Hero Mode is there as well, according to the Amazon leak. Presumably this adds to it.

So Ganon is x2, but Hero is x2/No heart drops. Presumably, this allows for x4 in Hero.

I'm lost. Is Trial of the Beast Amiibo-locked?

That is correct. You need the Wolf Link amiibo to access it. Sad

Ugh. That's almost as bad as disc-locked DLC

Yeah, I'd definitely say it's on that level. Very not happy about it. It luckily doesn't affect me personally since I don't have an interested in this release, but I feel bad for everyone who does want it and doesn't want the Wolf Link amiibo. Sad

we're kinda forced to get the amiibo if we want a physical release, and I don't know why someone would deliberately not buy it just because they don't want the amiibo. it's pretty much a cheap extra collectible.

It is literally just a second Cave of Ordeal where you are forced to play Wolf Link.

Aks yourself if that sounds like it will actually be fun, then get upset.

Also, you get this no matter what if you buy physical. This is a problem for digital buyers, but again, I am surprised anyone is upset now that we know what the actual dungeon is.

At BEST it sounds "neat", but Wolf Link is one of the least fun forms of Link to play as.

The problem is, like Splatoon, it is Figure-Locked DLC. I wouldn't mind if it was just cosmetic or a small effect like Ganondorf, but this is a whole part of the game. It doesn't matter how bad it is, it's still a portion of the game locked behind a figure.

Fri Jan 22 16 06:41am
(Updated 1 time)

I don't consider a copy-pasted remix Cave of Ordeals a "whole part of the game". It literally has no impact on anything. It isn't part of the story, it isn't essential, you aren't losing content from the original game.

Likewise, Splatoon, aside from the minigames, was retreading the Story Mode missions, just swapping weapons. It made it feel different, but they were still the same levels, not new ones. You didn't actually lose out on anything.

At the end of the cave is the "endless wallet" or whatever it was called. This is something that was very frustrating for people the game before and a good fix to it. By locking the cave behind the figure locked DLC, you're locking people out of the ability to relieve a headache.

There are many games that offer time trial modes or extra challenges. The fact that you needed to buy special figures to access them in splatoon was criminal. Fortunately, I borrowed the figures from a friend to unlock the mini games and it's nice to have a variety while you wait for a match.

But the point is still that what they're doing here is locking people out of content unless they have a figure. It doesn't matter how ridiculous the Cave of Ordeals^2 is, it's still content made before the game's release launched with a paywall, and nothing can excuse that.

I literally haven't heard anyone say they wanted to store even more rupees in their wallet in TP. If anything, it's the opposite. Rupees are mostly useless in TP, so the bottomless wallet is fairly useless.

I don't recall anyone complaining about Rupees/wallet in TP, at any point. As it is, people didn't understand the increase to 2000 or whatever. There is nothing to spend Rupees on, except Magic Armor, which, people are likely not going to use because the main complaint was difficulty/being too easy, which Magic Armor makes it easier.

As for Splatoon, I'd be more upset if they were new stages altogether. Challenges and Time trials are fun, but they are non-essential. I wouldn't miss them if I didn't have the amiibo, and since you CAN borrow them, I would miss them even less since there is always that route.

More importantly, this stuff will never bother me until something meaningful is locked behind a figure I don't like or want. Up to this point, even with just collecting favorites, I can unlock stuff for every amiibo-supported game. Now, obviously I can't unlock everything, since I don't have everyone, but I am not missing out, yet.

Obviously this is a different case from people who don't want an inexpensive Wolf Link figure in their house, but I mean, I love collecting Zelda stuff. I'd have had it even if all he unlocked was Bomb refills. I just think it looks cool, more so for Midna.

Thu Jan 21 16 10:45am
(Updated 1 time)

I don't see that stated here, though. It probably is locked behind the Amiibo, but I had expected it to be stated here if it was.

EDIT: Well! Never mind about the Trial of the Beast. The new trailer I just saw confirms it's locked behind the Amiibo.

Thu Jan 21 16 10:45am
(Updated 1 time)

I'm not too sure. It probably is, but since it's not explicitly stated here, anything is possible for now.

EDIT: Well! Never mind about the Trial of the Beast. The new trailer I just saw confirms it's locked behind the Amiibo.

Aaaaaaaaaaand, we still have no idea what the Wolf amiibo is for ^^
As Moldy said, my guess is that it saves your progress and your life bar in the Wolf challenge cave thingy. So that we can just stop at some point if we want to and get back to it later. It's actually pretty cool.

Also, people can now be sure that the 'new dungeon' is in fact just a wolf only cave of ordeal that unlocks a completely useless object. Now if they could just stop whining that would be great.

However I'm worried that they didn't change a thing when it comes to the insane amount of money we get in the game. Please Nintendo, at least, make everything more expensive. Give me reasons to collect all these rupees. Hero mode might make me use more money for potions I guess.

id rather they made a new set of collectables rather than make rupees more valuable.

Or possibly even add a cave that requires you to have the magic armour

But it's just a remake I suppose.

It's talking about saving "story checkpoints" inside the Amiibo, though. That's definitely not something from the Trial of the Beast but something from the main game.

Huh, from what I got out of the Wolf Link amiibo saving thing, it might just be some glorified restore point.

All and all seems about right so I'm fine with all of this:]

So it's basically an extra cave that you save the data from onto a nice-looking amiibo that you kinda HAVE to get if you plan on buying the game new in stores

I see no bad with this. I heard the game standalone digital is 50 dollars, so it sounds like a good idea to have a collectible toy that works with the game and will work with the newest Zelda game.

I believe some people are overestimating the unlocked content this will bring in Zelda U. I believe it's something very minor and that you definitely aren't missing out on anything significant if you don't have the Amiibo.

I never said it was going to be big. I just simply said that as a plus to spending an extra ten dollars for a well-made amiibo. a small plus is still a plus.

Oh. I completely misread it.
I thought you said you'd HAVE to get the Amiibo if you want to buy the new game (i.e. Zelda U), implying that it'd unlock something significant in that game.

it's alright, I meant the fact that the amiibo comes with TP retail

Yeah, I get it now.

Hm, I wonder if it's different for the US, though. In Europe, at least, I can buy the game (physical release) separately. Isn't this possible in the US?

nope, not possible in the US, every copy for now is bundled with the amiibo.

but it's really not a problem, it's 60 USD all together, so it's a game and an amiibo at the standard price of any wii u game

Thu Jan 21 16 05:55am
(Updated 1 time)

I hope Nintendo isn't planning to make this a normal practice when they can do great things like they did with MK8 (completely new game + fairly priced dlc). Sure amiibo did extra on the side, but it was mostly cosmetic and they weren't unlocking stages, vehicles, characters etc.

Nintendo clearly wishes to make this a full priced purchase where they can make up for the disparity between the new content and price with a toy. The industry standards for remakes is extremely low and Nintendo's take on it isn't much better.

I imagine should we ever get a new main series metroid, it's accompanying amiibo figures will unlock the ability for co-op play air support if you scan the Samus ship amiibo, boss challenge mode if you scan the Ridley amiibo, or maybe even regenerating energy if you scan the Samus amiibo.

This is actually dependent on the developers.

For example, Aonuma said they were going to use amiibo for MM3D but couldn't find a good use. TFH was suggested, but they specifically didn't want to tack it on and instead added free DLC.

The Animal Crossing games were made to justify making amiibo because the devs wanted some, and the Yarn Yoshi were made because they thought it was cool looking.

Like, Miyamoto said they weren't making Star Fox amiibo, aside from maybe an Arwing, but that is because he wants one that transforms. The Pokémon Company could make a line any day they want and sell millions, but they don't/haven't yet.

So it all depends on the devs of the next Metroid beyond Federation Force (which, if it has support, I can guarantee it will be menial and just be Samus & ZSS), and if they come up with a good idea and if Miyamoto or Kimishima thinks it is worth the money to make figures. Let alone, if they even want to use them. I mean, it's not like Xenoblade Chronicles X or Persona-Emblem uses them, despite the obvious choices.

Sort of late reply but I do remember those examples and my metroid example was really just a blanket example taking from what I consider the worst amiibo applications so far. Animal Crossing is a nice start and I'm honestly hoping Nintendo builds on it and releases more Amiibo specific games for the things because their current uses almost seems parasitic.

I figured you were just making an example.

Yeah, amiibo are very hit or miss.

I luck out because I buy them because I like the figures. The unlocks are just bonuses to me, and I don't stress if I don't get them. That said, I like most characters, so I have a lot of bases covered anyway.


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