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"And find it you must"? Someone went to the Yoda school of dispensing wisdom.

"The tough use Amiibo!"
For some reason, I think the people that use Amiibo go to Weenie Hut Jr.'s, not the Salty Spittoon.

Wed Jan 20 16 08:56pm
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Not when you're playing with power. A Triforce of Power.

Let me guess, you go to Weenie Hut Jr. Jr.'s. (lol JK)

Using the Ganondorf Amiibo while playing on Hero mode is going to the Salty Spatoon ;)

Or the ultimate challenge, with a three heart run, you could essentially have a daredevil run. You could mix that with fairies as extra lives. I think. [Considering you can save on them if you're at full health].

haha yeah, it sounds awesome :D

Double Triple Ultra NOT a fan of this amiibo use at all. Yikes.

Wed Jan 20 16 09:09pm
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Wow that's a lot of adjectives.

My feelings couldn't be adequately be conveyed with just one! Haha

I've always wondered about the use of "Double" and such in these phrases.
Technically they're adverbs in this case and should be "Doubly" etc., I believe

Thu Jan 21 16 02:44am
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Why? It's basically the Cave of Ordeals which was in the original and should be included. Actually, it's so close in execution that I'm not sure if how it will differentiate besides the useless bigger wallet at the end, or if they will bother to differentiate it, or if it's the Cave of Ordeals being blocked off.

Regardless you're 99% likely to have the Cave of Ordeals anyway which is the same thing. My only concern is that the dumb thing connects to Zelda U. It will probably (hopefully) be a lame or minor addition, but I don't want Zelda U to be some amiibo haven where a bunch of actually cool things are blocked off, which hasn't really been the case yet.

I like the idea of the Ganondorf amiibo, nice to see you can add an extra layer of challenge

So, to break it down/reiterate:

- Link/Toon Link refill your arrows (once a day).
- Zelda/Sheik refill your Hearts (once a day).
- Ganondorf gives you blue hearts/double damage. Potentially stacks in Hero Mode.

- Wolf Link unlocks a 2nd Cave of Ordeals that you have to do as Wolf Link, and you unlock a wallet for beating it.

You save high scores for the Cave of Shadows to it.

What will it transfer from TP to Zelda U?

- A wolf costume?
- Your score?

Yeah, that still makes no sense.

More importantly, how would ANY of the stuff it saves be important or worth hyping?

Though a Wolf tunic/hood/cloak is possible.

"We don't know yet either. This is a thinly-veiled reason to get you to buy something now for a promise of a future reward."

The question is; is it worst than a season pass that doesn't tell you what you're getting? [Also considering those are more expensive nowadays].

I don't know, to me, what I'm seeing is at most an annoyance buying a figurine you don't want. Since, to be fair, I don't think we've yet crossed the line of how bad locked content could get. To be perfectly honest the only two games that have felt you're missing something were in Code Name: STEAM, mainly because I think the FE characters looked good in that style, some even looking better than some of the characters in that game. The other being Splatoon, since you do get a bit more mileage out of the single player.

Still I do see the problem going forward being other two things. One being getting more convoluted on what figurine unlocks what. And the other being getting a figurine you don't want for content that you want. Aside from that it's annoying at most, but still harmless IMO.

Well given you can only get the Wolf Link amiibo with the bundle which is $60 or more, one could make that stretch. Though I wouldn't because a season pass vaguely tells you how much content you'll get, costumes and story missions and whatnot. This is just like "you can unlock a cool thing, as in singular". It's not absolutely horrible, but I don't like the approach either.

Trust me, that Splatoon content is nothing to be concerned about. Literally just "replay a handful of 1P missions with a different weapon you don't get to choose". I got the sniper and it's definitely not suited for those missions. I agree though that Nintendo hasn't done anything bad with amiibo much. The only one that stands out to me is Mario Party because it blocked off a whole mode (the classic mode people want) but from videos it's so bare bones that you wouldn't be missing out anyway. Having it invisible right on the screen is a big tease though and makes the game look incomplete.

Sometimes season passes barely tell you if you're getting either one if these categories. Another story, challenge missions, multiplayer maps or modes.

I don't know, the alternative weapons give a different approach to some of the progression in the Splatoon levels, and made some bosses more mileage.

Maybe though it still sounded like a throwaway mode. I think one could build a more fun board, and use the physical figures on there instead. Still, if that were more appealing I think one could have get annoyed they couldn't get some characters to play as.

I honestly hope it doesn't stack in Hero Mode just so that people could stop whining about how they need the amiibo to get "Super Hero Mode"

I do wonder if it'll be 4x DAMAGE. I mean, I don't think it'll just turn the hearts blue in Hero mode.

People are going to whine regardless.

If it doesn't stack, people will whine that it is useless since you can just play Hero Mode, like how the others already are useless.

So it's not really a new dunegon. It's just a series of rooms with random challenges. That's good, Nintendo is still not going the route of DLC bullcrap cutting relevant parts of game from those who don't pay more.

Kinda like the use of Ganondorf and Wolf Link's amiibo... but Zelda and Link? bleh.

Well, that's it then. The death knell for my Nintendo fandom was Twilight Princess HD. The Wii U and 3DS will be my last Nintendo systems, Zelda U will be my last Nintendo game. I will not support a company that expects me to buy a plastic toy to get the full game, I will not support a company that sticks a $20 premium on top of a game for no reason. Kinda sad that the straw that broke the camel's back was the Zelda series, my favorite series, but I just can't support a company that is engaging in something that's entirely worse than day one on disc DLC.

Thu Jan 21 16 02:43am
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Stop being dramatic.
The Amiibo comes with the game and its literally just the cave of ordeals with with the prize being a pointless item.

I had intended to buy the game without the amiibo, as in Canada they are charging $20 above the exchange rate. To own the Amiibo version of the game I would have to pay about $114 after tax. I'm not spending that much on a video game, especially not an HD spit shine of Twilight Princess. Furthermore I'm not supporting Nintendo in their bull**** obsession with amiibo, this is basically day one, on disc DLC hidden behind an amiibo pay wall. **** that.

I'm also not being dramatic, this is the last issue in a long line of them. Hence the use of the phrase "the straw that broke the camel's back", I've choked down too much **** from Nintendo, and I'm not doing it anymore.

Thu Jan 21 16 03:48am
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The amiibos are important to nintendo because either you or your friends refused to buy their consoles, Nintendo has had a history of recovering from dramatic losses by adopting alternative strategies, just so happened that the toy to life concept was getting big around the same time nintendo was being starved out of money, just saying.

Amiibo, skylanders, and whatever they call disney infinity toys are also still the only "DLC" on the planet that provides something with inherent value, If you lost electricity tomorrow, your amiibo wouldnt disappear. Amiibo remain the one and only form of additional content delivery that will hold value outside of a game.
But to your specific points...

You are actually complaining that you cannot access entirely pointless features. Do you realize that? It doesnt matter if its on the disc, would your opinion REALLY be changed if tapping the wolf link amiibo opened up the eshop for a download instead? I HIGHLY doubt it. There is absolutely nothing new about any content that amiibos are offering here, the best idea they have is to have you go through a clone of the standard challenge mode FORCED to play as wolf link in order to save up hearts to refill your meter with...Its the annoying version of scanning a zelda amiibo.

And again, the amiibo COMES WITH THE GAME, so yea, the idead of content being behind a paywall despite being on the disc is a crock of it, because the means of unlocking that content comes with the game, just because you live in a country that wants you to pay more money to afford your "free" healthcare doesnt mean nintendo is engaging in bad business practice (there is plenty to complain about there, just doesnt happen to involve this particular game and amiibo bundle). If you dont want to spend all that money, fine, then you will simply download a version of the game that does not include the amiibo used to turn the cave of ordeals into a tedious nightmare for the sake of an item which exists solely to make a pointless other item slightly less pointless.

So yea...youre being dramatic.

I mostly agree with you, except...

And again, the amiibo COMES WITH THE GAME
To be fair, there is a Limited Edition (or Collector's Edition? What do they call it anyway?) and a Standard Edition. The Limited Edition comes with the Amiibo and the soundtrack (in Europe or at... Best Buy, I believe) while the Standard Edition is just the game.
So, no, the Amiibo doesn't necessarily come with the game. You can buy the Limited Edition for 60-65 and the Standard Edition for 45-50. At least in Europe.

If you're so ready to leave at the drop of a hat, based on content that's already in the base game without further purchases, I'm not sure how you stuck around this long what with NSMB2 getting DLC years ago, Fire Emblem: Awakening, Mario Kart 8, Smash Bros, and Fire Emblem Fates which is the first one to be legitimate bullsh*t worth complaining about.

Do people really not know what the phrase "straw that broke the camel's back" means?

I do, but DLC isn't a new thing to Nintendo so I would've figured you'd be out by now. Especially by something so frivilous because it's already in the game, I suspected you would've gotten cheesed off at something much earlier.

Thu Jan 21 16 03:59am
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No idea what you mean with Fire emblem (because theres like two versions of the game with exclusive content to each? isnt that what pokemon does with literally every iteration? doesnt that strike you as a smidge ironic considering your avatar?) but I have a feeling its probably not as big a deal as youre painting, because you also found some way to be offended by NSMB2 and MK8.

by NSMB2 I assume you mean Coin rush, in which case were talking about additional, nonessential digital content being added to your game for a fee, It is up to you to decide if the price is worth it as you are not being forced to buy it in any way.

and by MK8 I assume you suck at math and have no money. For a FOURTH OF THE PRICE OF THE GAME you got what was quite nearly ANOTHER GAME. That DLC was revolutionary at the time because it was the first time since the rise of DLC culture that people satisfied with a primary purchase were able to pay a small additional sum to gain a large amount of content in return. Again, this content is NOT required, and is simply a matter of asking yourself if you want additional tracks and characters more than you want 12 bucks.

Thu Jan 21 16 11:16am
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No idea what you mean with Fire emblem (because theres like two versions of the game with exclusive content to each? isnt that what pokemon does with literally every iteration? doesnt that strike you as a smidge ironic considering your avatar?)
Hmm... I'd say Pokémon and FE are different in this regard. For Pokémon you need only one version to get the full experience. You don't even need both versions to catch all Pokémon since you can trade. Therefore it's normal to buy only one version. FE, though... If you want the full story and full experience, you'll need to buy three versions.

Lol, I wasn't offended by NSMB2 or MK8, let's get that straight, try reading my comment again. I said the guy I was REPLYING TO should've been offended if he thinks Twilight Princess HD is some great offender by giving you two different ways to access the same content. I never said it bothered me. Nintendo has been fine with DLC/amiibo so far.

As for the difference between Pokemon and Fire Emblem...

Pokemon is a lost cause, but at least the reason (at one point) for the two versions was that it was to encourage people to interact and trade with each other, because one had something the other didn't. I think that's a cool concept but ultimately fails because there are so few pokemon that are exclusive and the ones that are you probably wouldn't worry about missing. But also because we have the internet so you don't actually need to interact face-to-face with people, talk pokemon, battle, and keeping the company relevant by continuing to keep them in your and other people's minds. Also, the 2 versions was a precedent set from the first game, it's nothing new for the series and is by no means a surprise.

Fire Emblem is doing a split version for the first time, there is no precedence for it like there is with pokemon. It's more like the Mega Man Battle Network approach, where they make 2 copies to try and swindle more money than it actually being split because it benefits the game's experience in some way. Most JRPGs that have multiple story paths or let you play as a different character/perspective include it in the game instead of chopping it out and selling it to you as a whole other game, because it's not. You don't see Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep split into 3 versions, or see The Elder Scrolls series force you to pay if you want a different race or skill tree, Fire Emblem Fates shouldn't be an exception.

So $20 Day 1 DLC for that alternate path, and also a Map Pack for $18 (or seperately) on Day 1 as well. Because that's what I want, "Hey thanks for buying this game you literally got on release, but that's not enough buy these other things right now too!" The third path, also $20, a month later had to have been made ahead of release or finished shortly after, especially if there's CG cutscenes, than it would've been planned months ahead.

They wouldn't be this slimy with other games but because Fire Emblem Awakening was so successful they're pushing their luck to see how greedy they can get with their audience. It was on the verge of dying and now it's pushing how far they can go as if it was a franchise that's been huge for decades when it only recently got some traction.

Ive been trying to figure out where id seen Ciri's blink ability before, Only now do i realize its exactly wolf link's midna ability.

And that ganondorf use is so sexy, so, so sexy

Thu Jan 21 16 03:04am
(Updated 1 time)

Maybe it transfers records to the Epona only dungeon in Zelda U.

Or you can befriend a wolf in the game and call it with the amiibo. If you have hearts stored on the amiibo he restores them. Otherwise he just carries stuff or can dig for you. I would love that.

Epona only dungeon
I dread this idea. I can't imagine that being a whole lot of fun. Though it's an interesting concept, to be sure!

Thu Jan 21 16 04:31am
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Video is private. Did it seriously confirm that you need an amiibo and TP to unlock something on ZeldaU? Did they seriously just announce that they are going to put a double paywall behind content of the most anticipated game of the WIiU? That is a new low.

I doubt that the locked content is anything significant at all. You won't really miss out on anything if you don't have the Amiibo and TP HD. That's what I believe, anyway. Only time will tell

I don't expect it to be anything big, but it is locked content none the less. Plus there is no guarantee that it will be the only locked content behind amiibos. It just feels wrong knowing about locked content for a game that we barely know anything about.

Hm, I do definitely understand and sympathize, but I suppose I simply do not feel the same. I know that Zelda U will (most likely) be an incredible game nonetheless and the content I would be missing out on doesn't really change my experience at all

Thu Jan 21 16 07:22am
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This is all great news to me.
Let's collectively get our facts straight shall we?

Nintendo needs to do some of the terrible business practices the others do because they need money and they see it as a reliable and quick way to do it. So they thought of Amiibo. Amiibo is a way to make DLC, sometime day 1 DLC, I don't think anyone would argue on that. The thing is Amiibo does dlc but it is also:
- a cool fig, so that the consumer always gets some value out of the box even in the case of day 1 dlc.
- a dlc that (so far) is guaranteed not to cut relevant parts of the game, so that people who don't want it still get the full experience the game has to offer.
- a dlc that almost always works in several games, this being a good practice for the consumer and for themselves of course. They advertise their games and you are pretty much guaranteed to always get something extra on top of the cool fig and whatever the reason why you bought it in the first place.

Bottomline is, they sort of adopt some modern business practices because they know they need to, but they do it in a way that, compared to a good part of the industry, still respects their consumers.

The fact that some people around the web call this worst than Infinity/Skylanders/Dimensions (which are the absolute worst, disgusting and disrespectful business practices this industry has seen so far, and that's hard to deny) or even call it worst than dlc/day 1 dlc/season pass is beyond me.

Look, I'm not an amiibo fan. The second I saw amiibo I realised this was not good news because it was Nintendo finally adopting business practices they had rightfully refused to adopt this far. But unless you're blind or very misinformed you have to admit that they're doing it better than the others, in a way that still considers the consumer as someone who is entitled to get some value out of what he is buying.

I've always wanted to say this, and this post is a very good one to do it in reply to.
I find that your posts are often very well thought out, and they always appear reasonable. They're long but hardly ever cumbersome to read. Your posts are insightful, clarifying and mediating at the same time. I find myself agreeing with you oftentimes, and this time is no different.

Oh hey thank you, that's a very nice thing to hear ^^
It's also nice that you took the time to actually say it.

I know my comments tend to be rather long, and that's mainly because I'm not a native speaker and because of that I sometime use convoluted ways of saying things just because the exact expression I'm looking for does not come to mind. I actually first signed in here to keep improving my english ^^

I can get a little bit provocative at times, but (I hope) not insulting. Please don't hesitate to tell me when I say stupid stuff.

Oh man, I know exactly what you mean about being very wordy. I'm not a native speaker either and just as you, I have a convoluted way to describe things. Doesn't help that I am very technically inclined, so even in my native language I tend to be detailed because I have to be technically right

Yeah, when I disagree with you, I'll let you know. (In fact, you'll find some in your inbox right now.) But it'll all be with proper respect.

Well I think people in general should be more precise on the internet given the fact that we don't have eye contact, so it requires us to be a bit more precise and clear on discussion forums.

But then there is the problem that people hate to read and, well, I hate the idea that people hate to read so I tend not to take it into account when I write stuff online ^^


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