The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD - Wolf Link transformation sped up, gyroscopic aiming

The following info comes from the most recent Nintendo Minute...

- transform into Wolf Link by tapping an icon on the GamePad, touch again to transform back
- features gyroscopic aiming


Yep, that Nintendo Minute episode was pretty cool and I think it's great that these guys get exclusive coverage. They should do that more often.

These are nice touches and in WWHD that was pretty much what it was: several small little tweaks like that that ended up making the game immensily better. Now that's a good start but I hope there is more. Even if they decide not to touch the actual content, (apart from the extra cave of ordeal) there are a ton of small things that they could do to enhance the gameplay experience.

This far we have:
- bigger wallet which is not really useful because it's locked to late game. It could have solved the chests problem, but not if you have to wait for the end of the game to get it.
- gyro aiming which is awesome
- hero mode (I really hope it's not locked to the amiibo though)
- fast transform into a wolf which was REALLY needed
- we know from what we heard that we have fast inventory management on the gamepad

And potentially, if the Ganon amiibo can indeed stack up on hero mode, then a lot of us have on top of that Legendary Mode or whatever you call it, and that's great too.

But there are other stuff that could be done. And these are things that I'm still hoping for, knowing Iwon't get them all:
- at the very least, make things a lot more expensive, or give us cool collectibles to buy that would be super expensive. They need to balance that rupee debacle.
- give us the whistle sooner because as it is, it is pretty much useless
- give us a way to pass day and night (end game)
- fix the whole thing with the chests that you can't empty if you have too much money. That was stupid. I suppose if they balance the cost of things then that issue would not be too bad though.

If they do that then we have a winner!
Now I have to admit that I was hoping for a couple more sidequests added and a rearranged soundtrack but that probably was too much to ask. After all, I was expecting more content in WW also and we did not get it, but I'm still pretty happy with the end result.

I didn't see the rupees as a big problem, a bit annoying but now with the screens log miiverse thing, well it's something to keep track of them at least.
Pretty happy about gyro aiming, I didn't think about that. Obviously I should have known they couldn't rework all the enemies to fit with the wonderful sword fight system of skyward sword. Other than those improvements are nice. New quests would have been nice for sure.

Sat Jan 23 16 09:52am
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Finally someone who loves the Skyward Sword fight system too. Too many people had problems with the controls and never "learned" them properly and they constantly complain and complain. Or they are just taking out their frustration because they actually had to move their arms while playing the game which was too casual for them... >_>
I loved fighting in Skyward Sword too, it gave the fights another dimension because it mattered from which direction you attacked.
I personally never had problems, the controls worked exactly as advertised and I was very happy about them. I would have loved it if there were more Zelda games with these controls.

I never had a problem with Skyward Sword's controls. By the end of the game I was a master. However, they didn't make the game any more fun for me. I used to think I wanted 1:1 controls but now I know they're not all they're cracked up to be. I'm perfectly happy playing future games with normal controls and leaving motion control BS as an oddity of the past.

Amen. I'd say the only nag I had about motion controls in that game was for swimming [which I felt didn't need it].

It's a shame that Zelda Wii U will regress from this evolution to the fighting formula by either being optional and dumbed down, or just not there at all.

The Miiverse thing is a good idea, I can at least keep track of the chests I could not open with a screenshot. Thanks for the idea, but really I hope they do something about it.

I also really enjoyed the sword in SS, but I never really expected them to go this far with the TP HD version. That would have been awesome though. At this point, I'm pretty sure the 1:1 sword fights are a one off, which is too bad but I think they were too unpopular. Which makes me wonder, what will they do when they remake SS? WIll they give up on the whole fighting system? If the NX doesn't support Wiimotes, they'd have to give up on it.

Given the sheer number of people who complain endlessly about Skyward Sword, they probably won't bother remaking it.

To me the complaining doesn't seem very different from the complaining about MM/WW/TP. I could totally imagine a remake someday.

Well I mean sure, they can listen to super vocal people online and decide they won't bother, but they can also look at critics for example and also sales number and aknowledge that some people actually really liked it.

On the one side Nintendo does game design so well on the other they don't hesitate to undermine their games by forcing their gimmicky hardware and peripheral "visions" into them.

Some would argue that unique hardware is one of Nintendo's strengths.

I wouldn't but some would.

Yep, I know I certainly would ^^

There probably are people that will think juggling amiibos around while playing Twilight Prncess to fill your arrows and hearts and whatnot is totally awesome. (once a day)

I personally think that the "gimmicks" really enhance the games. Some games really profited from the Gamepad features and I couldn't imagine playing without them. I find it really useful and much more comfortable to have the map and inventory management on the Gamepad like in WWHD. Gyroscopic aiming in Splatoon worked more precise too.
And nobody says that they are forcing it yet, the gyroscopic aiming could be an option like in Splatoon or like the aiming in the original TP for Wii where you could decide between aiming by pointing the Wii remote or using the control stick.

I really never understood the lack of Wii Mote Controls for Splatoon, it would have been so obvious to do it.

I think it's because you have to use the map during battles to fly to a certain destination. It would be a little bit of a hassle to quickly use the Gamepad while you're holding the Wiimote and Nunchuk.


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