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Sat Jan 23 16 08:38pm
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The bigger deal is that the climbing is less slow-moving. It was ridiculous in TP.

Agreed, though I gotta say that vertical movement doesn't seem to have gotten as much of an improvement as horizontal movement, when vine-climbing.
I'm hoping I'm wrong and it was just the typical slowdown that happens when you release a direction and press in another before the first movement is finished, or something.

I noticed and hope the same. I always tried to avoid climbing as much as possible just for how tedious it was.

We don't know if the version they were playing was off disc or off the console's internal memory/external storage, so such a test isn't very relevant. If it was off an HDD or solid state storage like the internal memory or an external flash drive, then it's likely to be much slower off the disc when it retails. disc games on Wii U load VERY slow.

That makes sense, and it makes me sad... =(


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