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That is a LOT of crappy games all in one spot. I mean, I know the Wii had some fantastic titles, but probably 97% of it was shovelware crap.

This is an interesting article on a potential reason why that was.

Every console with lots of game has 90% rate of chappy games.

PS2, SNES and NES. Over 90% of their games were pretty.

Hell, the NES even had hundreds of non-licensed games. lol.

Yeah, the popular consoles are usually the ones that ended up with the shovelware. I remember my fair share of licensed carts from the NES/SNES days that were terrible. Back when I thought Porky Pig and Double Dare games were of the same caliber as Super Mario just by looking at the box XD

I think it's on the same level as the N64. That also had good and niche games in-between Nintendo and Rare releases. On the same token, those are different times, and it's not like people responded well with ports of other consoles. Despite some feeling suited for the Wiimote like Modern Warfare.

Hey, in fairness, when the total is 1260 pieces of software, 3% still works out to a good ~37 games.

I wish any of the current generation consoles had that many decent titles. :​-(

Wow, talk about a tour to the garbage dump.

Amazing. Not jealous of his collection, but I do think that's an awesome set up.

Thats a wall of white.

But its not really a "complete" collection since it only inculdes US releases and south american stuff. No japanese games at all and I guess there must be hundreds of japan only games for Wii.

Nonetheless impressive decoration.

Probably doesn't have Not For Resale stuff (samplers, kiosk demos) either.

I find surprising to see how much negativity about the Wii's global library can be sprung out from a simple "Full Collection" video. Come on!

It's not like you -have- to play every single game in its catalog every time the full collection is getting mentioned...

That was the hard part about the Wii library: They actually did put out some unique, quality games that you couldn't find anywhere else.

But the system was also marred by baby/pet sims, mini game compilations, Wii Sports knock-offs, and other companies, like Zoo, that company didn't even try.

2010 was the last great "push" of any sort of respectable content for the Wii. These presented libraries are all over the place in terms of direction and quality.


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