Random Time! - Shovel Knight amiibo listed in Walmart's 'Gardening & Tools' section

Not online is it listed in the Gardening & Tools section, it also is the best-seller of the department! I wonder how many non-gaming fans found this listing in Gardening & Tools and had NO idea what the hell was going on!


This post gave me a good chuckle as I sit here with a recently dislocated knee on the mend

ha! :D
yes. please garden the shrubbery around the castle dear shovel knight.

They also spelled it ambiio

Heh. Get it? because he has a shovel.

Shovel Knight will replace the garden Gnomes.

You an actually buy a real shovel for less than the cost of the Shovel Knight toy. o_o;

The real question is, can the shovel unlock multiplayer mode!?

Ha! I knew that GameStop was sh*#ting me when they put the Shovel Knight amiibo in sale for 20 Euros!

I would love a Shovel Knight garden gnome.

I want an authentic Shovel Knight shovel.


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