Nintendo president talks second mobile game, possible mobile/NX interaction & more

The following info comes from Nintendo President, Tatsumi Kimishima

- pre-launch registration for Miitomo will start “soon”
- Nintendo’s next mobile app will be a more traditional game & will feature a character that fans are pretty familiar with
- it seems that NX might interact with Miitomo somehow
- expect an update on this “not too late in the course of this year”
- it will take more time and effort for Nintendo to assess VR technology

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Badge Arcade port confirmed.

I think they've been saying mobile/NX will connect in some way for awhile.

Tue Feb 02 16 01:39pm
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Dang it, sometimes it feels like we're SO close to a big announcement regarding NX or Nintendo mobile plans... makes me so excited. I hope we're not waiting until E3 for some good news.

By “not too late in the course of this year” I REALLY hope this means March at the latest. I'm honestly getting sick of seeing NX rumours over and over basically saying the same thing. I sincerely hope he wasn't referencing E3 because we already knew that was coming... and that's still half way through the year. Give us the details in March, give us at least a screenshot or a promo video, then at E3 do a blowout with the games coming around launch, and then sustain the hype until release.

After Pokken Tournament (March), Star Fox Zero is the only other thing with a release date with the other few games slotted for a random time in 2016, so hopefully that forces them to make a Nintendo Direct and TALK.

It's really predictable that your customized Mii from Miitomo will be carried into the NX.
I doubt the mobile/NX compatibility will be on hardware level, but other connectivity like the Miitomo one is likely.

Where is the source for this? Is this from the investor's meeting?

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