Miitomo - rollout schedule and registration detailed

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Darn it, I'm busy the 17th. That's the day pitchers and catchers report, at least for St. Louis.

Hmm. So I wonder if those of us with NNIDs already even have to do anything - i.e. we'll be registered automatically as they have the relevant details already?

Unfortunately legality may prevent this. They may need permission first to use your information for something new. So the easiest thing I foresee is them asking "Transfer NNID data to Nintendo Accounts" or maybe NNID is part of this whole Nintendo Accounts thing and Miitomo will just ask you to sign in.

So we have friend codes on the 3DS, tacked on NNID on the 3DS, NNID baked into the WiiU, and now we have yet ANOTHER account system?

Nintendo: "How does Internet work?"


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