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Basically sounds like PS+ only instead of free games every month you get Club Nintendo.

"Apparently, part of MyNintendo says you can redownload digital games you buy on eShop on other devices."

I've been very worried about my old Virtual Console/eShop games not carrying forward, so, if this were addressed, I would cry a single, shining tear of relief...

Fingers crossed hard.

This is my most major concern. Fingers crossed for this. A crossbuy feature for VC would be highly welcome, too.

This could mean that you'll have the ability to use other devices to download your games to whatever console/handheld/mobile system they were specifically made for. Meaning, for example, you can use your 3DS to re-download Fatal Frame for Wii U or your mobile device to start the download for Pushmo for 3DS. Currently, you're not able to do this (I couldn't download Umihara Kawase for 3DS with my Wii U), even though the service seems to kinda tied together.

Tue Feb 02 16 10:08pm
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Brazil? How is Brazil in this list if we don't even have a Wii U eShop?

My eShop on 3DS is the Brazilian one, but I can't link that account to my Wii U because there's no Brazilian eShop. I have to use the one in Canada with a fake random adress and a international credit card.

Does it mean they are going to finally open the Brazilian eShop for the Wii U? They better do because after the US, Europe and Japan, Brazil is the biggest market for consoles.

I have over 70 digital games I bought on the Canadian eshop on my Wii U. I hope I dont get screwed in this, because I'll want to have a Brazilian account linked to my 3DS account.

Yes! Mexico is included!

Think by the "re-download on other devices" comment means that we won't have to re-buy them on each console? Because currently you can re-download them on another say 3DS, it just revokes downloading access to the previous one.

I think a better way to think about how it currently works is that you can only download your games to one console, but you can change which one console you can download your games to by doing a System Transfer.

Has a date in the west been announced? I am for some reason frustrated with all the info but no date being shown...I may have missed it :/

Initial launch is for several major countries (including US, Canada, Mexico, and several European countries) in mid-March alongside Miitomo!

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Tue Feb 02 16 11:44pm
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Cool, thanks! Frustration subsided.....for now ;)

You're welcome! I'm getting impatient as well. Really hoping to hear about digital purchases finally not being tied to hardware (aka easily transferrable without needing to go though customer service). Getting super nervous.

If any of this is true, it took Nintendo 3 Generations to implement what the other two companies have been doing for years. I mean, better late than never, I guess, but you would think that Nintendo would know better.

Wed Feb 03 16 01:46am
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Change your name to Debbie Downer. Nothing can change the fact they are late to the party, doesn't mean they can't join the party.

Yes, nothing can change that they're late, but....they're still very, very, very, very late. Not only that, but they're still behind in many other things.

Doesn't matter that they're late.

Know why?
Because, if we're reading this correctly, not only are they offering a service that gives us all the digital security we've wanted and enjoyed on other systems, they're also offering something that the other two do NOT offer.

A point system that can be used towards both digital AND physical rewards.
With points you can earn JUST BY PLAYING THE GAMES.

Can you imagine how awesome it would be, if you could earn tickets to Nintendo's upcoming Universal Theme Park attractions just by playing through Nintendo games?

Or how about being able to afford the DLC of a game like Smash, by completing challenges for points in-game then using said points to get the DLC?

These are big deals. No one else is doing things to this extent.
They're making a point system extend to the real world as well as digital.

Steam basically gives you money (back) the first few hours you play a game. Trading cards ftw.

I don't remember it giving me any such thing when I played Skyrim...
Heck, I wasn't even aware such a thing existed on steam.

Wed Feb 03 16 07:20am
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I don't know if Skyrim supports trading cards, but most games do. You basically get a number of random cards while playing the game. Cards that make no sense to me at all (you can craft badges from them) - so you can just sell them on the market for real money. I have no idea why people buy them, but they always do within minutes Smile

Wed Feb 03 16 07:59am
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Sell them on the market for real money?
As in real money trading, which is usually not allowed in other games where such things occur? [mostly MMO's]
Or is it different?

Well, in either case, it's not the same as being directly given either silver or platinum points through actions taken that can be directly converted into merch, coupons, and discounts.

(Somehow I can't reply to your new posting, so I use this one)

The cards can be sold in Steam (not inside the games) for real money. Money that other people pay for the cards. You can use this money to buy anything on Steam. Not sure if you can also transfer it back to your credit card - probably not. But there's always interesting stuff to buy on Steam anyway Smile

Rewards for playing are for the mobile games only, and those get you only digital rewards (probably smartphone based stuff like screensavers). The gold points you get for buying digital console games and get you... discounts on more digital console games. So the DDP thing I guess.

It's just not worth beating a dead horse at this point. I just get tired of seeing people poo pooing on good news. No reason for it here, they are late...nothing can change that but let them try to catch up without being hung up on the lateness factor.

This sounds good. I hope Nintendo can do it right as it will win them a lot of brownie points with customers if they can do so.

D: Where is the list? Is Sweden included? We lost Club Nintendo in 2007 so I missed out on a LOT of physical stuff. I was hoping this new thing would be available in Sweden, but me is dumb so I am not sure where you guys see the list.

Wed Feb 03 16 04:04am
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On the red map you can see clearly that Sweden is included Smile I hope austria is as well, but I'm quite sure.

I used Google Translate on the image:

Japan Italy Estonia America Netherlands Hungary Canada Portugal Latvia Mexico Czech Republic Lithuania Brazil Denmark Malta United Kingdom Greece Romania Ireland Poland Slovakia France Finland Slovenia Belgium Norway Africa contested Germany Sweden Australia Austria Russia New Zealand Switzerland Bulgaria Luxembourg Croatia Spain Cyprus

Oh. Right. Map. I admit to a major derp-out. -w- Thank you Ladida. ^^ And yes, let's hope Austria get it as well. XD

So this means that Sweden may get them physical items and such, right? Like how you could get physical things from Club Nintendo? I really hope I am not mixing up My Nintendo with something. Them names are all so similar.

The fact that Mexico is included gives me some confidence on them. Don't let me down!


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