Nintendo Investor briefing- Download sales, My Nintendo, Miitomo details

Download Sales

- Total sales from the first to third quarter in terms of downloads was 30.5 billion yen. They are already close to achieving sales of the previous fiscal year.

- Sales figures exceeded those of previous fiscal year

- Top download titles: Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS, Mario Kart 8, Pokemon Rumble World, StreetPass Mii Plaza

My Nintendo

- Will globally start MyNintendo this March

- Will offer services that make Nintendo's game experiences more fun and convient

- Nintnendo of apan offered started account registration last December, so Japan has already been provided some services ahead of the March release

- Messages have been sent regarding profiles, purchase records and play records.

- They have a "Just for you" offer that gives special discounts to individual profiles

- Already integrated within the Japanese website

- Points-based reward program to start on launch which will be for both dedicated game systems and mobile

- Two types of points. Platinum points are for smart device apps, eShop logins or meet other condidtions.

- Gold points are for Wii U and 3DS game purchases

- Platinum points can be exchanged for digital content that will be considered valueable for consumers

- Gold points can be used for discount coupons twoards digital software for Wii U or 3DS.

- Point Program, Just For You Offer Discount, Reccomended for You and Download Purchase will be avaliable at launch. Managing friend relationships, coordinating cloud data, perks at retail stores and other services will be rolled out in the future.


- Miitomo is an entertainment application that turns communication with friends into play form.

- Your mii will spark unique conversations and help friends connect on random, fun and light-hearted topics

- Miifoto is where you can create and share pictures with Mii characters

- Can be stored on your smart device and be shared on social media networks

- Very reliant on language, will roll out in 16 countries to start.

- Nintendo will start accepting pre-registration on Febuary 17, requries a Nintendo Account to register

- Will recieve Platinum Points on My Nintendo, and will be notified on launch day

- Will be released on iOS and Android

- Miitomo will be released in mid March in Japan, other 15 countries by the end of March.

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Why do the rewards from mobile games sound more important? Sad

Likely because they are trying to promote the Hell out of it, and push people into making purchases, especially hesitant customers.

My Nintendo is a huge disappointment, just another avenue to push digital purchases (while still collecting user information like Club Nintendo did but through smartphones instead of surveys). Buy a few digital games and get a "discount" on another, which I can only assume is some paltry amount. I'd rather just get the 10% back that was offered with their DDP so I could actually choose myself where that discount is going. Platinum Points are digital only goods, phone wallpapers or 3DS themes. I get information about games/dlc pushed to me days after I've read it online too, as well as the opportunity to promote Nintendo's stuff to my friends.
This doesn't seem like something aimed at people who buy physical and the information from it will be useless to loyal fans so I will not be making an account.

How is it a disappointment when you haven't even used it yet? And it'll be free to sign up, so you choosing not to is just like sticking your fingers in your ears and going "lalalala".

I said why it was a disappointment right after I wrote "disappointment".
Not signing up is because I have no interest in digital games and rewards, it's not at all like sticking my fingers in my ears. You're just silly for thinking that.

Do we have clarity yet on whether Nintendo Account = NNID? Or rather does it obsolete/absorb the NNID?

Wed Feb 03 16 10:37am
(Updated 2 times)

Link your NNID to your Nintendo Account. I don't think much has been said besides that.
So far, to me, it looks like: Nintendo Account is the one that pushes notifications/offers, My Nintendo is the rewards program, and is linked to your Nintendo Account (which is also linked to your NNID) so they know what digital games you bought.

How far does My Nintendo go back for account info.? Does it remember all of your pre-existing Wii purchases, for example?

Good question. Only thing I really see so far is it having access to your NNID purchase/account history. Furthermore, there hasn't been anything suggesting you'll be able to authorize/deauthorize hardware that can play your digital games. There hasn't been any mention of Wii digital purchases at all. Sad

And yet, that's going to be one of the major factors in my decision to buy the next system.

I have a lot of digital Wii purchases that I don't want to send into the nether because Nintendo won't upgrade their content.

Same here. Sad Really, really frustrating situation. I've written them about it before, and I'll be writing them again. Don't really know that it'll do anything, but I've got to try. Definitely write them about your discontent, too.

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