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Detective Pikachu - tons of details and screens, plus a hint at more episodes to come

by rawmeatcowboy
03 February 2016
GN Version 5.0


Amanda Blackstone: the secretary at the Baker Detective Agency. She often quarrels with Pikachu in regards to food
Carlos Hernando: Staff at the PCL, he works in a laboratory with Rotom. It turned out he was the one behind letting Gengar manipulate Pokémon.
Dorothy Fisher: Current head of the PCL. She's often in her office with Minccino and she invited Emelia of GNN to investigate the PCL.
Emelia Christie: reporter for GNN and the assistant Director. She became fast friends with Tim and Pikachu.
Frank Holiday: chief inspector in the city. He's investigating Carlos but appears to know more than he lets on.
Frederick Hartfield: Staff at the PCL. Frederick shares a lab with Nina O'Hara and works with Garbodor to utilise its toxins and clear garbage
Meiko Okamato: director for GNN. She is often seen with Emelia and has her camera with her most of the time
Mike Baker: Mike Baker is head of the Detective Agency and is helping Tim find his father.
Nina O'Hara: staff at the PCL. There, she works with the wild Pokémon including Shuckle to help create concoctions such as Berry Juice.
Pablo Millan: runs the High Hat Café with his trusty Ludicolo. He often gives Pikachu coffee.
Rita Partridge: receptionist at the PCL with her Floette. She helps Tim in the investigation by helping access camera systems.
Wallace Carroll: staff at the PCL and is studying Solosis and Duosion

You can also get a very detailed breakdown on Pokemon that appear, locations and every episode from start to finish. There are tons of spoilers! There's also a ton of new screens to see. Check out the details here, here and here.

Furthermore, the game features a tease that could point to future episodes. We've placed that after the jump to avoid spoilers.

At the end of the game, you're treated to a scene that shows the moon. The screen fades in with the words 'To Be Continued...' and then Mewtwo flies by. We've combined two screens into the one you see above, just to give you the full idea of what the end scene is like.