Rumors start to swirl about Mother 3 localization

Against all odds, Nintendo decided to localize Mother, a title that never made it outside of Japan. The game was released on the Wii U eShop as Earthbound Beginnings. Just seeing Nintendo do that gave people hope that Mother 3 would end up getting the same treatment.

Now it seems the rumor scene has gotten a bit juicier as of today. Our good friend Emily Rogers sent out a couple tweets that seemed to point to a Mother 3 localization.

Emily also had another tweet that she has since deleted, but the internet managed to cache it before it was lost.

One last thing before I vanish: Don't be surprised if Nintendo celebrates a game's 10th anniversary this year...Just some food for thought.

Could Mother 3 actually see localization in 2016? Stranger things have happened and the time certainly seems right. On top of all that, Emily Rogers has proven time and time again that she has her ways of getting valid inside info! Let's keep our fingers crossed, but I'd say things are looking pretty plausible right now.


While I was never a big fan of Mother games, I'd be happy for those who wanted to finally get their hands on it.

I knew this would happen this year. I just knew it.

Wed Feb 03 16 06:05pm
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Nintendo didn't just now localize Earthbound Beginnings; they'd been sitting on that localization since the early '90s. All they did was dust it off and publish it on VC.

That said, holy cripes wow

Wed Feb 03 16 06:12pm
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Against all odds, Nintendo decided to localize Mother, a title that never made it outside of Japan.

The original Mother was actually localized 25 years ago, when it was originally intended to be released outside Japan (it wasn't due to the impending release of the SNES). NOA just decided to release it since it was already done, so that logically has no bearing on whether or not Mother 3 will be localized.

Anyway, why would they localize it now (unless it's being remade)? Everyone who wanted to play it should have just played the fan-translation by now, especially since the game's been out for ten years.

EDIT: Darn ninjas. Also forgot to mention...

I'll remain skeptical for now. Wasn't Shovel Knight being in Smash also reported by "creditable sources"?

Everyone who wants to play it should just illegally download the game and its English patch and play it via emulation software?

I don't mean to get all moralizing about emulation, since lord knows I've used it to play a lot of games. But I really want to play Mother 3 the proper way, on a Nintendo console, and don't want to play the fan-translation as long as it seems Nintendo might release it officially, especially with a notable anniversary coming up.

Also needing a patched version is such a barrier of access to the average gamer. A lot of people don't even know that's possible, or how they're supposed to acquire/run it. You broaden the game's audience hugely just by making it an e-shop title and doing a little promotion.

I'm probably underestimating how complicated emulating is since I've never done it and have no idea how to do it. But, even though I'm probably wrong about the "everyone who wants to play it already has" thing, I still don't think that localization would be worth it on Nintendo's part, no matter how big its Internet popularity is.

And if you really wanted to play it on a Nintendo console, you could always just import it (and a Japanese GBA, if it's region locked), even if you couldn't read the dialogue...

I dunno that just her counts as "rumors start to swirl", and EarthBound Beginnings was localized like 20 years ago, they just never released it.

Let's not start this. We'll all get burned by Reggie.

I would love if this turns out to be true, but I'm not gonna get my hopes up just yet.

This is a pretty safe bet to make.

Wed Feb 03 16 06:32pm
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"One last thing before I vanish"

What, is she going to delete her account, wipe out all articles/blogs/records of anything she has ever written, and then start a new account except with a one-letter username difference.... again?

No…? She announced she's taking a break from social media until April for personal reasons.

Wed Feb 03 16 11:31pm
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Given that her announcements are apparently not available to people without Twitter, I will take your word on that.

edit: n/m. unfortunately it looks like it was a 'yes' after all.

Wed Feb 03 16 06:34pm
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I kinda hate leaks like this, because this would be one of those really neat things to wow people at E3. I mean, it's good news, but if Nintendo finishes their E3 press conference this year and everyone's disappointed because they already knew about this stuff, it'll make for another sad E3.

Leak or not, tons of people theorize that it is happening anyway, due to the anniversary, Beginnings and other Lucas-y things.

That said, these kinds of "insider" leaks weren't really what ruined last E3. Nintendo spoiled most of it themselves.

The Smash DLC was left in code, Koei-Tecmo accidentally put up the Hyrule Warriors Legends trailer, in one country they accidentally sent out the pics of the Animal Crossing amiibo/30th Anniversary Mario, they showed off Blast Ball (which obviously looked like Metroid), etc.

The part that ruined it the most was that a majority of the games were ones we'd already seen hundreds of times before. Woolly World, Mario Maker, Xenoblade, etc. And some were already out in Japan or almost out. It was too full of old stuff.

Mother 3 would be amazing, but it would not be an E3 ruining disaster to know.

EarthBound is a way better title for a game than Mother.

Well in the English-speaking world, obviously. That's why the name was changed in the first place lol. "Mother" probably sounds much more mysterious to Japanese speakers.

Wed Feb 03 16 06:37pm
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As you can probably tell by my profile, I want this to be true so much. At the same time, though, I've also learned not to hold my breath. (E3 2014, anyone?) Time will tell...

If Nintendo was smart they would make it a day one NX VC release.

Wed Feb 03 16 07:29pm
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Is Emily Rogers the "My Dad worked for Nintendo a hundred years ago and now I am a super Insider" girl?
Hope I don't mix up the true facts here.
And wasn 't she one of the few people who teased a new Wii U Game, most likely Paper Mario related, a few weeks ago? What was the outcome of this story?

Of course this would be cool with Mother 3. You don't even have to be the Nostradamus to know, it's highly likely Nintendo will bring this Title finally. Let's hope Nintendo will do it and end this sad tale.

She was the one who teased Paper Mario. That said, if there is a Paper Mario, we won't know about it until a Nintendo Direct or E3, so nothing will come from that story until then.

Same with this. These kinds of rumors can't really be challenged until Nintendo has an event for everyone.

As is the case with any leak, it's important to take Emily with a grain of salt here. That being said, I would not be surprised at all if she was correct. As much as EarthBound fans like to think Nintendo gave up on them long ago, I think Super Smash Bros. (especially Brawl) has really pushed the series' fanbase to someone beyond a small cult. Nintendo realizes this.

I think that, after the attention the series got boomed around 2008, it wasn't a question of "if" Mother 3 would ever be localized, but "when". If they made a lazy port of the game for DS back around the time people were clamoring for it, I don't think it honestly would have sold as well as it potentially could now. The install base for Nintendo systems is lower now, but I think that, given how widely available the fan translation was, it would have taken a huge chunk out of the game's sales, even from core fans of the series. If it does release this year, I hope it does well.

Maybe Starfox 2 will get a VC release too.

The difference there is that it never released anywhere. So that would be amazing on various levels.

Much as I would kill for this, I'm to understand there are legal issues that would prevent this from ever happening. (Mostly with Argonaut Software, since they were contracted to do much of the work on the game... but since they're defunct, there may be no way to legally release it without jumping through hoops that Nintendo may see as too much trouble.)

Anyway... it is said a full version of Star Fox 2 does exist in ROM form, in Japanese... much like Earthbound Beginnings had a full English ROM in existence. (And I mean official, archived versions, not the ones floating around on the 'net.)

You can do it Nintendo.

Emily followed up with this:

"Media jumping the gun over a tweet. All I was said was: Mother 3's 10th anniversary is coming, it would be cool if Nintendo acknowledged it."

Not that I think we are getting it, but she is making it painfully clear she is backtracking on what was definitely intended to have guns jumped. This way, if she is wrong, she can say NEVER SAID ANYTHING, because she didn't, but it was clearly implied.

Thu Feb 04 16 11:06am
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I've only recently seen a few things from Emily Rogers and I am already getting a bit tired of her antics. She's really hurting her own credibility here.

Well, doesn't matter anyway because she ended up having a last hurrah and left twitter because people were threatening her and calling her gross things.

Burned bridges and got out of social media.

That said, like Paper Mario, other sources did suggest stuff about Mother 3.

Wed Feb 03 16 10:57pm
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I hope this isn't true so that I can laugh with malicious glee at the agony of Earthbound fans.

It's been hinted before, Nintendo knows everyone wants Mother 3 to come here. I noticed Emily seems to have gotten backlash over this. She really doesn't deserve any of it, her hints were literally just tiny things that people assumed were huge.

Do I really need to remind people that this woman hasn't had a correct prediction in years and that she's purposefully vague enough that just about any release could be considered to fit her "prediction"? The Wii released 10 years ago, so did Twilight Princess, Wii Sports, Super Princess Peach, and plenty of other games. It could very easily not be Mother 3, in fact it's quite likely not Mother 3 at all.

Hmmm....Seems more like something the would save for NX. There are some insane Earthbound fans who would probably go as far as to purchase a new system just to support the series they love.

I hope I am wrong and they eventually release it on Wii U.


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