RUMOR - Insider source says key partners in possession of NX dev kits, late 2016 release looking plausible

This info was obtained by MetalDave, a source we at GoNintendo have been using for years and years now. MetalDave has indeed gotten inside information correct multiple times in the past. There have also been some details that ended up incorrect. With that said, I believe his overall track record makes this information worthy of sharing.

For those wondering, MetalDave managed to get this information from an unnamed PlayStation 4 dev, and that source provided all sorts of proof to verify his identity/claims.

- Nintendo has key partners they are working with that already have Dev Kits (Second & Third party)
- this dev is working on a graphically demanding PlayStation 4 game that they would like to bring to NX
- this studio does not have Dev Kit’s themselves and have not received details on specs
- Nintendo has informed this dev of a date at which they can order an NX dev kit
- Nintendo is screening early Dev Kit access before the public developer date
- this process is extremely complex with a lot of paperwork to complete by both sides
- the dev kit timing/NDAs involved lead the dev to believe that a late 2016 release could happen

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Not sure I buy it.
I mean, why would a PS4 dev out this info?
Furthermore, why would they release in late 2016 if they haven't even given devs the kits yet?
They'll need time to figure out if they can work their games into the NX, after all.
Releasing in 2016 just runs the risk of the games being poorly optimized and coming out with content missing.

We don't want another year-1-Wii-U-port situation.

why would a PS4 dev out this info?

What exactly is your point? The fact that they develop games for PS4 doesn't mean anything.

Well, in general, most of the devs that went over to dev games for the PS4 stopped giving much of a care about any of Nintendo's systems.
That's why I find it odd that the source is a PS4 dev.

Of course, if I want to be optimistic, then this could mean that the system is getting positive focus from people that normally wouldn't look at Nintendo twice when deciding which company to make a game for...

"PlayStation 4 game that they would like to bring to NX"
So, currently developing for the PS4 but possibly for NX too would make them a third party dev. Like said above, the title "PS4 dev" is irrelevant.

Most PS4 devs don't look at Nintendo twice these days.
It could be a positive sign of attention from someone that normally doesn't care about Nintendo systems, but after how third parties treated the Wii U, I'm more than a little guarded against what third parties say...

Well, considering this rumor is true, it's a 3rd party studio, they can make their games for whichever console they want. Unless they had some kind of exclusivity contract, which they don't if they are considering a NX port.

And it's said that some key partners already have a Dev Kit, which probably means Namco, Square Enix, Capcom, Ubisoft, etc, already have one (and thus Nintendo is at least trying to avoid another Wii U's 1st year), but Nintendo is probably waiting a little bit more to start distributing to smaller studios (probably because once they start giving dev kits to everyone it will be impossible to keep information from leaking long before E3)

If there's any truth to it, then my hope is that it's a new game instead of an old port.

New games are what will sell the NX.
If what they're supposedly considering for the NX is just something lame like a late port of CoD: Advanced Warfare, then it's just going to hurt the system.

Nintendo needs to show that it can handle the latest games, and old ports won't convey that message.

I can completely agree with that. Even though I personally care little about what the competitors have to offer (or most of it, anyhow), seeing old ports for the Wii U was almost insulting and really hurt Nintendo's image

Well if they are targetting Christmas 2016 then they better hav had some solid partners working on solid stuff for the release.

For third parties, I'd think they are the old partners: Ubisoft and Capcom. It seems that Square Enix and Namco could be there too which would be excellent news.

For second party, we've got Retro that has been working on something for quite some time now, and we're pretty sure it is Metroid.

For first party, supposedly we've got a mainline Mario title and rumours of Zedla and Smash Bros ports.

dark weres
Sun Feb 07 16 09:49am
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Of course a playstation 4 developer would be the first to say "Oh yeah! Nintendo's handing out those NX development kits! In fact, they're recalling Wii U development kits and explicitly telling developers to stop making games for the Wii U, so trade in those Wii Us now folks! How about getting a playstation 4 and paying for 10 years of PSN while you're at it? We have a 'graphically demanding' playstation 4 game that totally wouldn't work on the Wii U, despite the Wii U already having shown to run 1080p60 full HD games from the get-go! But if the NX turns out like the Wii U then it'll get killed off just as fast, LOL! Tell all your friends and news outlets!"

Sun Feb 07 16 09:51am
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Yeeeaaahh... Except that wasn't being said at all. Not even implied or hinted at.

Yeah because Sony cares a lot about the flopped Wii U.

Dude, what are you talking about? o_O

This rumor is about some third party making a game for the PS4 that is thinking about porting it to the NX, not a Sony studio. Especially because a Sony first party studio would never port one of their games to the Wii U

Sun Feb 07 16 01:35pm
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Guys, PlayStation 4 developers aren't owned by Sony, Sony has nothing to do with this lol.

The Developer told me that the time frame of the dev kits being made public for all or most developers to order goes in line with a 2016 release when referring to porting games, but the release of the NX will be up to Nintendo to ultimately "just do it" and release the NX this year.

Key Partners that are most likely already making NX games since 2015 are: Bandai Namco, Capcom, Square Enix, Sega, Altus, Activision (Skylanders), Warner Bros (Lego).

Sun Feb 07 16 01:55pm
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So key partners... I guess it's Platinum, Yacht Club and their internal teams.

Cause really... Cannot consider any third party outside that to be "key" to Nintendo development anymore.

Sidenote: Getting really tired of the phrase "Graphically demaning" nowadays. Everytime that comes up I just know a year down the road the game starts to look like trash in comparison to newer releases.


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