Fire Emblem Fates - petting mini-game IS in-game, but only available with certain conditions

Looks like the petting mini-game back-and-forth isn't over yet. According to GameSpot, the mini-game is indeed included, but it's only available under certain conditions.

- only for units that have S-Supports
- could potentially be available for A+ supports with Corrin

You can hear the discussion of the topic at the 43 minute mark...

We also have a look at the extent of the mini-game, which seems like it might not be as detailed as the Japanese release...

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There. Over and done with. Now people can stop with their pointless "Boycotts" and harassment of Treehouse Translators. End. Fin. Period.

(Knowing some folks on the internet though they'll just complain anyway)

Wrong. It's a watered-down version. We're still not good enough, apparently.

ffs. just translate the words.

Jumped the gun on this story. Nintendo has officially stated multiple times that the petting mini game was out. And with the backlash the decision has been getting, if the petting game actually wasn't cut they would have announced it ages ago.

I can do without the face rubbing I guess, not like I wasn't going to touch their face with my stylus anyways. Shame I won't get a response from the npc though.

Tue Feb 09 16 08:59pm
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It's what people get for taking kotaku seriously.

Could this pathetic Story please end? Gosh it's annoying and it makes me sad to see News about this Topic every day on the Pages I browse. I also get the feeling, Treehouse is some kind of Sect. Damn this is getting scary. I'm glad the Game will be released in the US in a few days and this Topic will start to cause less Discussions per day (until the next Nintendo Game will receive Treehouse Love).

And dear RMC: The Title Picture made it only worse. I think I'm looking to an CG of an Eroge Visual Novel. But that's not Fire Emblem Fates. Even with the content include in it's original intention, it would still be a Teen rated Game.

They should've just left it alone.

People who didn't want to play the parts didn't have to.

What is with the Random capitalization? :P

My guess? They're German. Notice how the capitalized words that shouldn't be, are nouns.

Methinks, that things have just got interesting!
I'll be keeping an eye on how this develops.

Kotaku spread misinformation? Surely this must be a fluke!

People are blaming Kotaku. That seems stupid. Everyone thought it was gone after Polygon did a playthrough.

Shut your face! I want kotaku gone!

Yeah, I don't like Kotaku either, but they got the closest they could to a confirmation and presented the proving quote. Many were still skeptical to begin with, so it never really felt like Kotaku duped them.

Not-Tharja is clearly trying to seduce us. Which doesn't take much effort.


This ride just doesn't end

Seriously, it's kind of sad all this back and forth on everything Nintendo nowadays.

Maybe Mother 3 is finally coming out.
Maybe Star Fox Zero could be played in an standard classical fashion. And maybe it'll be actually good or good/decent.
Maybe Zelda will come out this year, and so the NX.

I'm still sad GT got shut down, but still these are valid concerns that makes one feel that E3 will be an all or nothing from Nintendo.

Le Sigh.

I'm not. Gametrailers is awful.

Glad you join the conversation. For me Gamespot is worse, IGN is regular for the most part, I didn't get in Giant Bomb and GameXplain is just starting. I suppose, since there's not anything more or ever to take from Gametrailers you could suggest an alternative in regards to this conversation.

Tue Feb 09 16 11:51pm
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So long as there's gaming politics? I could not give enough ****s. Which is pretty much all gaming sites. Especially when something like Fire Emblem Fates created such a debate.

"Seriously, it's kind of sad all this back and forth on everything Nintendo nowadays."

I dunno, most of it seems pretty straightforward to me. (At least as straightforward as Nintendo gets, lol.)

-That one awkward dating scene in Fates is out.
-The face-rubbing minigame in Fates seems to be *mostly* out.
-Mother 3 is unannounced but rumored by several sources (admittedly of varying levels of credibility)
-We have video footage of Star Fox being played with the cursor on the TV instead of the Gamepad where everything seems to control and handle just like in 64. That seems like it was always the case, though some aspects of the game seem to have been specifically changed in response to fan criticism (e.g., smart bombs being taken out and then put back in).
-Zelda is the major question mark. My personal prediction: Another delay and Wii U/NX dual release next year.

So a... half full glass or half empty glass view? Middle of the road it's Nintendo's game as of now. I suppose, being impatient would only affect myself.

"half full glass or half empty glass view?"

Life is meaningless spiral of despair and alienation, so best make the most of every victory you can get.

I can play Bayonetta in Smash, how sweet it tastes.

Well that just comes to show my view, Life is cruel BUT ironic.

Since one can't expect the unexpected, control not always being at grasp, life can be fun also. It's also like that saying says, "What's the only thing a poor person has that rich person can't have. Nothing." And there are certain things you do get when you have nothing (Good and bad).

Oh come on, gametrailers hasn't been worth anything since Shane Satterfield left.

There is no petting. Blowing into the microphone =/= petting.

Tue Feb 09 16 10:40pm
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I'm not boycotting this game because of the removal of a mini game, I'm boycotting it because of how overboard and overpriced the whole experience is. I'm not too big on the story of Fire Emblem anyways, so I'll just stick with Awakening on 3ds. Other than enhanced battle transitions, the Fates games don't seem to add a lot more to make me want a new one over awakening. I'm just going to save myself $40-$120, and stick with Awakening.

Tue Feb 09 16 10:58pm
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Choosing not to buy a game because it doesn't offer enough to personally interest you isn't a "boycott"; it's normal consumer behavior.

That's exactly how I feel! It's a shame, because I liked Awakening, and I was initially interested in this game too, but I just can't support these grimy business practices. It honestly feels like such a shameless cash-grab. Oh well.

If it was really a shameless cash-grab, each of the paths would be $40 with no discount and with only a few chapters of difference. I really do not get the mentality of people calling this a cash-grab. Each is essentially an Awakening-sized game with 20+ chapters that are different per path. Buying all the paths is basically $80 for about 100 hours of content or you can buy one path and forget about the rest.

Must we use that goddamn image every time this topic comes up? Other topics don't have they're own lame attempt at a forced meme (well, except for Pachter).

I'm not sure if this is a meme per se. It's just a header image that a lot of articles get. And this image is fairly relevant.

Why won't they just keep the feature and give the people who wants to use it, AND include an option setting to disable it for those who don't want it?

We've had options in games to turn on/off or alter features like................ sound, music, voices, cutscenes, instant replays, cpu assistants, hints, notifications, rumble, touch controls, motion control gestures, blood, special effects, bad language (remember WWF Attitude?), voice chat, breast jiggle, and even mini games and more.

Wed Feb 10 16 02:08am
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I am so sick of hearing about this minigame and being or not being there.

I wish it just never existed so that this never happened. It is the dumbest, most exaggerated nerdrage war and "controversy" I've ever seen.

Just boycott it or buy a Japanese copy/3DS, pirate a fan translation, whatever and move on.

I can't wait for this to come out so people can stop theorizing and the garbage will get limited to gamefaqs and a few scattered people here and there.

Wed Feb 10 16 03:08am
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Nin has a family image to protect & that will never change. Hotel pleasure ring a bell anyone? NoA went through hell after news broke out that Nin had deals with hotels back then. Ain't no way in hell Nin will have sex, killing, or anything that downgrades a person in their games. 3rdP P.N.O.3 end game costume made it to the west vs looking at 1stP Xeno X a lot of costumes got changed.

If there wasn't someone in the spot light news now about giving pills to woman back then, we might have had this mini pet game still in. If 911 didn't happen we would have gotten Disaster day of crisis. Nin is just trying to stay away from becoming the next company to get sued that's all.

As a preface, in case my wall of text confuses you, I am agreeing with you. I just start venting about others as it goes on.

It is funny because they probably won't get sued, or at least wouldn't lose. It's petty and they don't do anything wrong by including things.

It is literally about image and nothing more. A tiny bit of it is weighing options of sales. Who they think will be the least mad.

Obviously they know parents are going to ignore ESRB, so they take that extra step.

They basically look at it as "do we keep this and get the negative press that already circulated from the Japanese release from misinformation about what it is & what you do? In this instance, people don't buy it because of what we kept in and the negative word of mouth spreads.

Or, do we remove or alter it, angering purists, but avoiding the bulk of the negative press, some people never knowing it was there to begin with & moat not caring either way as long as they play the game?"

Now, Nintendo will never know who the majority & minority is. It is a gamble they have to take. People don't understand that because they assume it is as simple as ignoring it if you don't want it.

It is like everyone forgot Hot Coffee. While obviously more lewd than this, that minigame in San Andreas WAS NOT EVEN ACCESSIBLE unless you hacked it, yet that got taken to court given an AO rating and so on. We no longer live in a world with Jack Thompson starting nonsense, but the possibility of another rising from his ashes is always there.

Do the people upset about Fates also wish San Andreas kept the AO rating and Hot Coffee so they could play the sex minigame and "decide for themselves" if it is okay? You know, the rating no system allowed anyway? Maybe argue it was a different time, but my point stands that no. It isn't up to us to decide. It was never up to is to decide. Nintendo is not the bad guy, they are just afraid. People shouldn't blame them for being afraid of loud and powerful idiots.

I'm sure every person here censors themselves or talks differently around certain people. You don't always curse around every person, or talk about certain things, maybe even talk polite around some or withhold information to protect others or yourself. Why? They can just ignore you, right? Or some other reason? Worried about pleasing different people and no about others?

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