FINALLY some more Nintendo Selects. A bit disappointing that they seem to be priced at $29.99 even for the Wii ones, though. And odd. They should really be more aggressive with these. I'm hopeful that that means we'll see some more copies for games that have been annoying to find at retail (hi Pikmin 3 and OoT 3D).

Also...isn't the NES Remix Pack already $30?

Fri Feb 12 16 07:03pm
Rating: 1

RMC needs to make a note that the price listed is for Canada. The US price should be $19.99.

Okay, that's a LOT better. Thank you for the information!!

Do these have reversible covers? If not, oh well. If this means I can finally get DKCR and DKCTF, SM3DW and Pikmin 3 for a good price I'm all for it, though.

Fri Feb 12 16 06:03pm
Rating: 1

This is... bizarre. The Wii games, too? Why not Pikmin 1 and 2? Those are hard to find.

Well, those both did get their "New Play Control" versions, which I want to say were priced the same as Selects anyway... but I would definitely love a reissue of Pikmin 2, I have been eyeing a copy at a local shop, but it's $50, used, and in "eh" condition. I got Pikmin 1 from the Nintendo online shop as a refurb a year or two ago... and Pikmin 3, I got as my freebie with the Mario Kart 8 promotion a while back.

Anyway, wall o' text aside, I agree with you entirely, I would love them to reissue those two... like... now.

Pikmin 2 launched as a Nintendo Selects actually.
$20 bucks at launch, no chance to get it as a non-Nintendo Selects title.

The hubris. Oh well, I own most of these anyways. Nintendo will learn to price their games competitively or continue their slide into irrelevancy.

There are of course some steals - 3D World and Pikmin 3 in particular are well worth the money. Everything else is still incredibly overpriced.

$30 isn't competitively priced for a Wii U game? I realize Nintendo is quite greedy when it comes to sales and discounts, but that's a steal for a new shipment of these games, some of which are only a few years old. $60 is a pretty fair MSRP for a game with the budget most of these games had. They aren't the ones selling $50 season passes.

Ehhh... they're charging double what they should be for Animal Crossing City Folk. Who can enjoy that now that it isn't playable online anymore? And Super Mario All-Stars should have been less than $30 from day one.

$19.99 (USA price) seems like a really good deal especially for the Wii U titles.

Do my eyes deceive me? Super Mario All-Stars getting a reprint?

All right, NES Remix Pack and Super Mario All Stars are in this pack of discounts! Now I can get them for only 30 dollars instead of their original price of...

30 dollars.

Fri Feb 12 16 08:38pm
(Updated 1 time)

The 3DS tittles should be $20, not $30. What a rip off. None the less looks like I'll be getting my cousin a copy of SM3DW for his new Wii U. Just hope he doesn't mind the silly red cover, if anything it looks neat.

Edit: Silly me didn't read the comments on top in regards to the prices.

Fri Feb 12 16 10:11pm
(Updated 2 times)

A bit of a ripoff for most of the games, especially the Wii and 3DS titles. But I can finally get a physical copy of Pikmin 3 for less than $100 though, so I'm good. And I have a "Selects" copy of Pikmin 2, so they'll match.

EDIT: Oh, Canadian dollars. US is $19.99. Silly me. Disregard the ripoff statement. XP

Fri Feb 12 16 10:26pm
(Updated 1 time)

What's the point of these Selects/Player's Choice/Greatest Hits reprints? Why not just reprint these games without the ugly, obtrusive labeling on the boxart?

I mean, it's not a big deal or anything, it's just something that sets off my OCD. I really would have liked a non-Selects copy of All-Stars.

Bad selection of 3DS titles and I already have the Wii U ones so nothing here for me.

Hope some of those Pikmin 3 copies come to Brazil.

A lot of terrible choices, IMO.

Not sure one the Wii ones are there. You can get Galaxy 2 for $20 on the eShop....

I guess if you want a physical copy...but why you'd want to do that when you can just buy it on the eShop and not deal with the extra minute or two of having to boot up the Wii U's Wii menu in order to play the game is beyond me.

Super Mario All-Stars! Heck yeah! That limited edition game is too overpriced anywhere else.

Wait... Super Mario 3D World will soon be $30, yet New Super Mario Bros. U is still $60?... That's kind of stupid, NSMBU should be a lot cheaper as well.


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