Activision lays off employees following weak Skylanders, Guitar Hero Live sales

Coming from Activision...

“As announced on our earnings call, our games for core audiences did extremely well, but the casual audience has not yet emerged on next gen consoles. So we are refocusing to better align with Activision’s long-term priorities because, as always, our strategy evolves to keep us ahead of a rapidly-changing industry. We are working with those impacted by the changes to offer outplacement services and support.”


Not hugely surprising, no one really asked for Guitar Hero and Rock Band to return, so soft sales there should have been expected, and with Nintendo, Lego and Disney all entering the toy to games market in the last year and a bit it should also have been expected that Skylanders sales would slip.

Mon Feb 15 16 03:15pm
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Probably a little off-topic, but if anyone thinks that Nintendo should adopt a more aggressive Western style business strategy like Activision or EA, just remember where it leads, some poor schmuck inevitably loses their job. Not that Nintendo hasn't had layoffs, but at least they don't shutt Studios down wholesale.
And hopefully the people that have lost their jobs will bounce back and be in new employment sooner than later.

Agreed. Western companies are cutthroat with putting people on the chopping block, and yet usually not the ones who greenlit the mistakes in the first place.

They probably wouldn't be doing so bad with those games if they stopped thinking of their fans as "the casual audience". That sort of thinking inevitably leads to lazy game creation, and a complete failure to understand the audience.

What a dick move, Activision forces their employees to make greedy and repetitive games that reuse the same concept, and then they fire those employees for doing what they asked them to... Take the hint Activision, people do not want to be taken advantage of. they are sick of toys being a disguise for lackluster video games, and they are sick of overpriced rehashes. People want games that will last, and won't be replaced within the following year. Give people quality and long lasting games, then release the next game 2 or more years later, so the hype can come back.

Constantly feeding the hype just rushes things and gets too exhausting for both consumers and businesses. This goes the same to all companies in gaming. Even Nintendo has been treading down this rushed path of gaming and greed, and they need to stop before it's too late. Game companies should be loved for the time and effort they put into quality games, not disliked for their lack of humanity and offering less for more.

If they fire one executive, they can spare several programmers. T_T

"on next gen consoles" Using the word "next gen" to refer to current gen 3 years into a generation... *facepalm*

Tue Feb 16 16 11:53am
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Heh, that is peculiar, isn't it? For some reason, some people like to call it "next gen" even though it's current gen.
I can only surmise it's because of wanting to sound cool/better.

Wed Feb 17 16 05:00pm
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Exactly. Makes no sense. I can get it if it goes on for a few months or even longer when it's a transition period. But that period is long gone. I stop using it to refer to current gen the moment they are released. It just creates confusion beyond that. WTF do they call the actual next-gen then?! =S


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