Kamiya turned down opportunity for Bayonetta to be in Project X Zone 2, regrets decision

I would love to hear why Kamiya turned down the initial request. Perhaps he thought it would lessen the impact Bayonetta has as a character? Either way, her inclusion in the game would have certainly made some headlines! Thanks to Quartermain for the heads up!


Guess Bayonetta for Project X Zone 3 then! If there is a X Zone 3....

Holy cow! A PXZ article?!

Where are all the other Project X Zone 2 articles? It's been out for days already!

Don't be. Project X Zone and it's sequel sucks.

A part of me feels that Kamiya felt that it would be like SEGA claiming ownership, or players believing ownership, of Bayonetta is entirely SEG.

Except that Kamiya clearly has some right of refusal that overrides whatever Sega, or maybe even Nintendo has.

More likely I think he just was wary of the thought of a crossover, especially one in which he wouldn't have any modicum of creative control. He's very protective of Bayonetta, after all. Still, hopefully this regret ends up being strong enough to get her in what I hope is the inevitable PXZ3!


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