Splatoon - Pokemon Red/Blue international Splatfest results

Both in North America and Europe, Pokemon Blue turned out be the the clear winner. Looks like Blue just wanted it more this time around! In Japan, Team Red won in popularity, but Team Green won in total wins and global score. Red just had a rough time all around!

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In all regions, Red is more popular; gets trounced by the opposition.

What does it mean??

It's not that unusual an occurrence. It's almost like the least popular side is better able to organize themselves into elite fighting teams, whereas the more poplar one is more likely to be weighed down by scrubs.

Being on both ends, that's been my experience at least.

The last 3-4 Splatfests have had these exact same results. One team wins popularity, the other team gets higher win percentage, and whoever has the higher win percentage takes it. I haven't done the math for all of them, but I'm convinced that the change from a x4 multiplier to a x6 one is the reason for the heavy impact of the win percentage.

Woo! Go team Vulp... I mean Blue!

Heh, was going to choose Red, but Marie remind me why I always wanted Pokémon blue back in the day. A certain cute six tailed fox pokemon.... So I choose the blue team.

Yeah, they need to re-balance how they calculate winners. Every time the least popular team wins. Which in this case, I was on Blue so cool, but it's annoying that this is how it goes every time.

Why exactly?

They put a priority on wins. That's exactly what it should be.

The problem is the fact that the most popular team wastes a lot of matches fighting their own team, so the wins/losses don't even count.

Sun Feb 21 16 03:47pm
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If it is true that the less popular team wins each time, then it seems like there is an issue with the system. Why doesn't the more popular team win? In an ideal world, it should even out, not be one sided. Otherwise it just comes down to luck: "hopefully I chose the less popular team, that way I can win", rather than actually winning because you deserved it.

It's not an issue that the winning team won because they won more, it's an issue that the less popular team always seems to win more.

While your last sentence didn't make statistically, you still also acknowledged that there may be issues with popular teams not getting a fair chance.

I don't see what difference it makes that the less popular team wins. It is because that team wins the most matches. That means they performed better overall than the other team. How does being less popular negate that? Literally has nothing to do with popularity.

However, the less popular team is STILL playing better and winning more. Your skill isn't affected by the team you picked. You don't "not earn/deserve" the win because you picked a less popular team.

You are basically undermining the fact the winning team just had better players, solely because it wasn't as popular.

Just because you are good at Splatoon doesn't mean you are going to like the most popular option.

There is actually a science to how some of this works too. Sometimes, the underdog in games wants their win more and tries harder, while the likely winner is more cocky and performs worse.

We don't know, but no. The problem is not the popularity.

I've been saying this for the longest time.

For some reason, people all over the www seem to think the less popular team has a bigger chance to win. Statistically that's BS of course. I mean, I can see with this specific Splatfest most younger kids picking the more cliché 'cool' team (Charizard), thus that team becoming the biggest one with less good players, but that's a whole different story.

Also I'm baffled so many people want popularity to be a determining factor. It should be about which team peforms the best, and I'd think most people would agree with me on that. I know that I would be pissed if I got all the way to Queen/King rank and my team lost solely because it was the less popular choice. Ah well, they're not gonna change it back to 2x anyway.

In honesty, I think it is just because they are losing.

The first few times, people were rightfully mad that the team with most votes were winning and wins basically meant nothing.

They proceeded to tweak how wins counted to fix that, and now actual performance is more important, so now the popular teams are mad. So they are just salty that tons of bad players like the same thing they do and blame it on scoring instead. Just because YOU win all your matches across 4 hours doesn't mean the other 60+ percent of players on your team did too.

The outliers are people who won, but still think the other team should have won, despite the fact the scoring was perfectly fair. Not sure how to write those off.

They only count team A vs team B matches, so both teams get a fair chance.

The popularity was less one sided than I thought it would be, considering that almost every Inkling I met in the plaza was on Team Red. I guess that the tread of the less popular team winning continues...

That triple victory for Marie
Charizard and Red are too popular for their own good. at least in splatoon

Sun Feb 21 16 01:01pm
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I've always had Blue Version, and Blastoise is still my favorite Pokemon, so this makes me very happy! In fact, this almost seems symbolic to me. Charizard always was more popular, so Blastoise was kind of like my "secret weapon" that undercut my unsuspecting opponents every time. Good times...

Also, Marie's side finally won for the first time in a while. This really couldn't have gone any better!

I hope this shows Nintendo once and for all that they need to fix the scoring system. It's a failure beyond comprehension. It's partly why I don't play Splatfests anymore.

How exactly?


What are you suggesting the scoring is supposed to be based on to fix it?

Sun Feb 21 16 02:03pm
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Looking at these comments, the funny thing is that they technically did fix the scoring system. For the first few months, it was always popularity that ended up deciding the victor. That's the reason why the battle multiplier went from x2 back during the first Splatfest, to x4 with the August update, and finally x6 (for North America) starting in late October.

I don't think there is a good way to "balance" this in a way that would make everyone happy without just straight up removing one of the two factors from the equation. Because as of now, you're either going to get people whining about how "my team was more popular, why didn't we win!?" or "my team got the most battle victories, why didn't we win!?" ...That said, they should bump that crap down to x4, because x6 is a bit much.

The multiplier doesn't even matter half the time.

For example, with this Splatfest, if you remove the multiplier entirely, Blue & Green STILL win except in Europe.

Well Water is "Super Effective" against Fire BUT Grass was just lucky this time!

Venosaur Stone Edge'd poor Charizard. :c It was not fair! Charizard lost in every region.

*doesn't know of Venosaur can use Stone Edge*

Venusaur can't learn Stone Edge, or any other Rock-type moves for that matter. Maybe it got lucky with a critical Hidden Power?

Aww, my Pokémon knowledge is good outside of them moves. XD

Or maybe Veno simply aimed for Charizard's horns. Insta-win.

Maybe a Venusaur with Substitute, Grassy Terrain, Sleep Powder, and Giga Impact was able to chip at its health? (I'm thinking too hard about this. XP)

You probably are thinking too hard. But that is always good!

I am sure it was all just Judd being drunk at work, though. ^^

*sigh* Why do I ALWAYS choose the losing side? You'd think by luck I should have picked a winning team at least once by now.

I've learned in all the Splatfests that the popular option almost never wins. This proves that on a global scale.

Not too far apart with popularity in NA, but wow to see Europe and Nippon sure loving their Red.


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