Fire Emblem Fates - Beach Brawl, Boo Camp DLC details

Beach Brawl

- story-match
- eight siblings from both Hoshido and Nohr are competing to see who deserves a ticket to go on a beach vacation
- Corrin has offered all of them a shot
- each one has reasons and excuses for not wanting or being able to go
- decide on a team, either Hoshido or Nohr
- choose which of the siblings from that group you’d like to see take a vacation
- enter into a battle where you fight using that sibling and his or her two retainers
- Xander, Ryoma, Camilla, Hinoka, Leo, Takumi, Elise, and Sakura and their retainers aren’t based on your characters
- levels and skills are predetermined
- Xander is a level 5 Paladin with a stick, umbrella, and Dracoshield
- he’s accompanied by a level 3 Hero version of Laslow with an umbrella, bone axe, and Allegro Harp and level 3 Great Knight Peri with a bottle, Raider Axe, and Azura’s salve
- they all have A-level supports with each other
- when you win, you’ll get to see the sibling you chose in a swimsuit on a beach, engaged in vacation activities

Boo Camp

- standard experience map
- bring 12 units into this battle
- 10 enemies on the map at the start, standard (green) and promoted (yellow) Faceless
- after the first turn, one of the tombstones on the map will spawn additional Faceless and Golems after each turn

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So...if I'm reading that right, it's something totally unrelated and an XP grind map.

Yep, Nintendo's doing DLC right.

Thu Feb 25 16 03:18pm
Rating: 1

So is treehouse putting the girls in burkas for the beach map?

A curtain will blow in from out of frame and cover up Camilla's swimsuit.

So...if I'm reading that right, it's something totally unrelated and an XP grind map.

Yep, Nintendo's doing DLC right.

So yes, a side story of sorts

and an XP grind map, because you have people complain that you don't gain enough XP and conquest is too hard. So yea. If it makes you feel better, the XP grind map isn't just "Free exp!" since you can lose your units to those darn 5 range monsters.

More dlc for this game is always a welcome. Bring on the fun Nin!

Thu Feb 25 16 04:19pm
Rating: 1 (Updated 1 time)

Been anxiously awaiting the exp map since Monday. Awakening's was super helpful. Time to get my grind on.

If you need to design a map for the sole purpose of grinding for experience, that might be an indicator of something wrong with the game's pacing and design. And you have to pay extra for it, too? Meh...

It's like Disney Magical World.

Step 1: Make the game somewhat harder than expected.
Step 2: Sell something to make the game easier.
Step 3: Everyone wins?

I will keep pointing at crap like this as an example of DLC being a complete conflict of interest. Make attempts at game balance or just sell game balance for extra $$$? So, there's NOTHING wrong with the game's pacing and design, according to the kind folk at Intelligent Systems. They ain't dumb.

Not really, it's more an indicator that a wide variety of people play Fire Emblem with a lot of different levels of experience and reasons for enjoying the game.

Some people want a classic straight-through playthrough, and the game is designed just fine for doing that, especially with the various difficulty options.

Other people want to grind character relationships and use every unit in the game and such, and this DLC helps them play at a slower pace like that.

Both maps are kinda meh. Boo Camp is ridiculously hard (for the level I'm at, at least) and all of the enemies just run away. Beach Brawl sets you up for a lot of unfair battles. All of the other characters just straight target your measely three characters. It would be fine if you would be able to use your own characters, but they can't.

Beach Brawl isn't unfair. No team actively seeks you out unless you enter their line of fire, which only happens off the bat for the two teams in the top left. On top of that, you are given plentiful dragon vain uses to lower each team before you confront them. The rest is dealing with your chosen team in the best way possible. Is it challenging? Definitely, my first victory took 53 turns. But is it unfair? No lol.

Here's Sakura's image btw if anyone wanted to see another one of the examples https://d3esbfg30x759i.cloudfront.net/ss/WVW69i7t45YJG-glG6

Oh great, another beach fanservice filled dlc... Will this one censor a lot of inoffensive crap as well?...

Leo:....Hello, ladies.

Oh Nintendo, on one hand I glad you didn't censor any of the CG scenes in the Beach Brawl DLC with objectively horribly drawn curtains like in Awakening,

but it leaves one to wonder, why are revealing, purely fanservice scenes of the cast of the game in swimsuits perfectly okay, but the less revealing in game swimsuit accesories, that actually had a tangible impact on the gameplay, all removed, oh, except for the bath towel they graciously left in, so that menu in the shop wouldn't be completley empty, I'm guessing.


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