Bravely Second art book missing content in European release

Looks like the old censorship issue has popped up yet again. This time we're not actually talking about a game, but an art book accompanying it. The book in question goes with Bravely Second and shows of some artwork/design docs for the game. Let's first take a look at some Japanese pages from the book.

Now we'll show you the same pages in the European book. The order of the pics below corresponds with the order of pics above to showcase just what content has been yanked.

As you can see, some of the more suggestive/graphic images have been either censored or removed. Almost a whole page of Agnes art is missing, and the one image that's still included has been censored. Another entire page of Agnes artwork showing her bound up is gone as well. Lastly, a bloody image of Geist has been removed entirely.

There may be more edits than this between the two books, but these showcase the changes that have been spotted thus far.

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Easiest solution to this, is just buy the import.
Even if this wasn't a censorship issue, monetarily speaking the import version technically has more content, then the localized version, of course that's assuming the import isn't massively more expensive than the localized addition.

This doesn't bother me in the slightest.

yeah....that's not okay.

Also, lmfao at them keeping the Tomahawk class concept in there of all things after they chopped and screwed the class all together in the localized version.

There's no comm going on w/both sides & they need to improve that.

"Almost a whole page of Agnes art is missing, and the one image that's still included has been censored."

What? I see the missing scene of her bound, but I don't see any edits or alterations on the image that's still there. I'd definitely have a problem if they were tweaking concept art, since it wouldn't really be concept art anymore. The removed images are certainly disheartening, but I'm frankly impressed they had the guts to showcase the Tomahawk class artwork since they were worried enough to remove it in the Western release.

Sat Feb 27 16 07:47am
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F that's it I had enough. I just got me the Japan CE & UK CE will swap out the good stuff & sell the rest custom CE on eBay. But wow this is a 1st I heard about an artbook doing that. B3rd artbook they should include a male char tied up along w/the female together so that others don't think the female looks bad by herself.

Sat Feb 27 16 08:00am
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A few friends of mine on various German Boards are already complaining. I canceled my order before I knew this simply because the Western CE is chopped when it comes to content. Only a 10 Track Sampler was a massive disappointment. Could have been a really nice piece of Collectors Edition. Anyway, I ended up buying the Standard Edition and even this was not a planned purchase.

And again, Nintendos Censoreship striked again, and now they even start to edit the Extras. They sure proofed they can Level up in the things they do.

but it's not a Nintendo game, is it? I thought it was Square Enix

Sat Feb 27 16 09:32am
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U can kinda say its a Nin game. If this was on vita or on another system there wouldn't be any cuts at all. Senran on vita is more open then its sister on 3ds. Now off topic comparing DoA on 3ds vs the console is night & day.

Tons of TN fans on Miiverse are calling out to TN to bring DoA5 on Wii U at the time but it never happened. It wasn't because of weak system but what DoA theme stands for on girls w/less clothing ect. All this time that Nin invested in TN they could have easily given us DoA5 but they would have had to heavily edit the costumes in that game & resulted of worst selling DoA ever because of the censoring.

Thus fans would not buy it & it would have been a waste of money. But Nin said they are moving away from Wii/U so anything can happen where we might get games w/less censoring to them. I will have to wait & see if their talk is real if NX delivers on no censoring on the games.

Sat Feb 27 16 04:19pm
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The Game was developed by Square Enix and Silicon Studio and published by Square Enix in Japan. Square Enix is known for their strange way to handle Handheld Games in the West and like Dragon Quest, Nintendo hold the rights for localizing and publishing the Bravely Games in the West. The Localization was most likely made by Treehouse. And since Nintendo handled both Games in the West, you find weird changes.

By the way, another clue why this Game is not published by Square Enix, there is no Square Enix Member Code in the Box of the Game. You will find it in every Retail Box when the Title is published by Square Enix.

It would look really bad if the North American version cut the Tomahawk concept art to avoid offending "western sensibilities."

I find the other cuts to be odd since they left in other images with Agnes bound by a red rope/string. Also, it looks like they removed the image that has someone covered in blood in that first image.

Sat Feb 27 16 09:02am
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It really is going too far.
This is an artbook for god sake. An ARTbook.

It's like we're trying to elevate this medium so that it gets some artistic recognition but the creators themselves do anything they can to remind the world that it's nothing more than trivial marketing goodies.

Somebody please tell me what is wrong with a bad guy being covered in blood when the game already has the 'depiction of violence' warning attached to it?

What is wrong with Agnes being tied up and super sexy. Can we not show sexy characters ? Of course being tied up has some sexual undertone, does that make it wrong? Of course seeing pictures like that is going to evoke sexual practices that includes people being tied up. We're not denying that but I truly fail to see HOW IS THIS A PROBLEM?

Are they aware that pretty much all people in all cultures around the world have more than one single position in mind when they think about sex? And yes that includes young teens and pre-teens since the game is rated 12 and higher. Do I have to say my prayers before and after opening this artbook? This is ridiculous.

Okay just for fun I checked her age. Also to see if it wasn't a Lin Lee case. She's 22. She's f*cking 22. You do things that are way crazier than that in bed at 22. And no kids, you don't have to beat yourself up after the act. It's normal. It's the depictions of sex around you that aren't normal.

They might as well not even include the artists original comments in the FE:CE artbook. Hmm This yr has been an increasingly hot topic on Nin censoring overload & it might come back to haunt them w/NX to some ppl taking a step back until they see what they want.

And the regression continues......

Surely by removing pictures of a girl being tied up, they are implying that tying up equals something sexual? By removing it, they're sexualising it further, surely making things even worse.

The second image doesnt surprise me, didnt they ban bondage in the UK?

GOV: Soon anime will be getting banned along w/its community which will bring out world war DBZ:III. Thus everyone will be subject to buy cheap animation from the west because we can't compete w/Japan on their animation. We have to silent them in order to get ahead of them which they have been ahead of the ball game for years in art. (Now signing off & tuning into our regular TV shows on Kim k along w/all the reality crap out there that are reachable by youngsters)


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