Adventure game CHASE revealed, developed by ex-CING staff

- full name -Chase- Mikaiketsu Jiken Sousaka ~Tooi Kioku~ (-Chase- The Unsolved Cases Section – A Faraway Memory~
- developed by some ex-CING staff
- director is Taisuke Kanasakim who worked on Another Code, Hotel Dusk and Last Window
- game is published by Arc System Works
- to be a ''hard-boiled'' adventure game
- serious-tone, drama, and ''flashy visuals'' that invoke the atmosphere of a TV police drama
- official website here, which features a sample of the soundtrack

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Oh man, I miss Cing. If this is going to be in the same vein as Cing's DS titles, I'll be keeping a close eye on this. Hopefully a NA localization isn't too far-fetched.

Did you say Cing?!
I love their games! Played Hotel Dusk and Last Window as well as Trace Memory on DS, and Another Code: R on the Wii.

I will keep an eye on this title!

Interesting! I've recently bought a bunch of DS games, and it includes all Deadmaker mentioned.

Hey, this could be great. I loved Hotel Dusk and Trace Memory and I'm still sad we never got their sequels here. I'll keep moderate expectations.

Officially on my radar! Nice!

Just yesterday I was thinking about Cing and how much I loved Hotel Dusk.

Wow this is excellent! Judging by the website's music they got the composer for those games as well. Really hope Arc System Works pushes this for localization and I want to play this badly! Cing was once my favorite company so this would be amazing!

I loved CING and everything they did. Here's hoping we get a localization of this game.


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