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Nintendo shares their experience of working with Tantalus on Twilight Princess HD

by rawmeatcowboy
12 March 2016
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A portion of a Stack interview with Eiji Aonuma and Tomomi Sano...

S: When was the decision made to create a HD remake for Twilight Princess? How long does a process such as this usually take?

EA: The decision was finalised when it was decided that Tantalus would collaborate for this title, and the project started at the end of 2013 with the verification of technology. The process for such decisions varies depending on the situation and specific project, so unfortunately there’s no solid answer.

S: Tantalus have been working on games for over 20 years – what was it about them that seemed the right fit for the HD remake of Twilight Princess?

EA: I felt they had strong developing skills from seeing their work across remakes of previous titles, so I decided to ask Tantalus to remake this title. As a result, I think they created great work beyond my expectations.

S: How closely did you work with Tantalus on the project?

TS: : Actually, I didn’t make it to Australia, however we utilised a video conference and web system.

In the beginning, there was some confusion in communicating over the Internet, but we came to enjoy a lively exchange of opinions as we got used to the environment. Most of all, it was very encouraging for us that Tantalus always worked with our requests.