WarioWare Touched! available as 3DS download for My Nintendo members

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This is really notable because WarioWare Touched! is a DS game being made available for download on the 3DS. We're used to DS games on the Wii U, but a DS game coming to 3DS is pretty interesting!

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Best Wario Ware next to Smooth Moves

a ds game coming to 3ds makes way more sense..

like why not just sell ds games on the 3ds eshop at a discounted rate.. 5 bucks for mario, 10 for mario kart... people would devour those titles and as the 3ds runs ds games off a cartridge already, it should not be to hard to get them to run from software

They'd all have to run from system memory though, as they would have to be DSiWare titles. They wouldn't be able to be the stereotypical VC game with the fancy border and restore points that people expect, at least not on 3DS

True, it would just be like the Wii downloads on Wii U. I don't see any harm in opening up the predecessor's library via downloads, even if it can't be done via emulation.

Best WarioWare, in my opinion. Loved it. Also loved Twisted and the original. We need more WarioWare!

Again, why GBA and DS games (especially now) are not available for 3DS is mind-numbing and bizarre, because apparently, they are very possible.

Add the lineups to New 3DS, and boom, more incentive to upgrade.

I think this one was my favorite Wario Ware game, too.


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