Miitomo continues strong showing on iOS, Google Play download charts


- on 19th and 20th March, Miitomo overtook the latest Puzzles & Dragons
- became the number one free download on iPhones
- became the number two download both days on iPad

Google Play

- On March 18th, it was the 24th most downloaded free app on the platform
- on March 19th climbed up to 2nd place behind Puzzle & Dragons Radar

Categories: Mobile
Games: Miitomo


I wonder how much money they'll make off this.

A lot once they release it to the west & charge us $4.99. Jk, they will make $ off on in game items ect if ppl decide they need things early rather then later.

Sun Mar 20 16 04:03am
(Updated 1 time)

Aaaaand is that worldwide stats when it's available in Japan only??? Or are those stats only regarding all downloads on those platform in Japan alone???

EDIT: Ah ok so it's Japan alone. Thought so ^^.

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